Sunday, January 01, 2017

First Flight 2017

My package came in the mail yesterday, a new 64GB SanDisk ultra for the Garmin VIRB to replace the 16GB. The recording time has increased from 1 hour and 53 minutes to 5 hours and 21 minutes with the picture capability now increased from 3000 something to 9999. That will work just fine for what I need. Now if I could get the battery to last more than an hour. Ordering two spares tonight.
The weather is looking good for a new year first flight this morning. I've traded some text messages with Charlie at N57 New Garden and he was thinking about a flight too.
No problems on the way to the airport today, Ranger work truck does a fine job.  I preflight and sump since I took on fuel when I got in yesterday following my camera test flight. Everything checked out and the fuel looked perfect, I was ready to tug 08Romeo out into the sunshine. One last check on FaceBook for any messages to see if anyone is flying today and then it's start up time.
I picked up the wx and noted winds favored runway three-two.  A few planes had taken off as I was getting started but as I sat at the hold short all was quiet. I launched for Delaware Coastal, KGED, took a few pictures and chatted it up with the sound hopefully working on the VIRB. The ride was bumpy today with just a slight headwind.
I entered the pattern for runway two-two and made a nice landing. The ramp was full! I made enough calls this morning trying to find an airport restaurant that would be open. Millville, Cape May and Cambridge were all closed, Delaware Coastal was the only game in town.
I enjoyed the brunch buffet solo, catching up on my people watching. Obviously they were trying to turn over the tables so I finished up, paid my check and bugged out. The sun really felt good today as I slowly strolled out to 08Romeo. The winds had changed and pilots were now crossing the main runway and heading out to runway two-eight. I followed in the conga line, number three for departure. As I waited at the hold short a Mooney announced he was going to back taxi on two-eight, we swapped calls and I departed first. As I climbed out I thanked him.
It was another bumpy ride home but still fun to be flying. I picked up the weather at Ocean City and decided on a straight in for runway one-four, if traffic allowed. I was on short final when a Cessna asked my location, they confirmed visual and I floated on past for a long landing.
Only an hour of flying today but it was good to get up in the air. I'll try again this week to get the audio squared away. I missed a setting on the camera unit, internal vs external audio supply, duh. I also think this somehow will interface with the flightstream 210.  More testing will be in order before putting 08Romeo to bed for three months.


Pilot said...

Although I have the older model, my battery life has never been a problem One of the reasons I chose this over Hero was the battery life. I switch it on and forget about it. Edit out the boring stuff at the computer. I'm surprised you have this problem.

Gary said...

I dug a bit deeper, read the online manual,and found out that my battery wasn't fully charged. It was full of bars,but didn't have the plug symbol showing. I waited until the symbol appeared but haven't been able to test the camera since my surgery. I hope to try it out this weekend and report back.