Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Learning the Garmin 480

I have been a long time fan of the "Buttonology" posts on forums, YouTube videos, and training web sites. I have even put together a few of my own and provided a link to what I have compiled over the years.
Granted, my "how to" posts have all been geared towards the Garmin 430/530 series of GPS units. Things are about to change, with my recent aircraft purchase I am now faced with learning a new GPS unit, the Garmin GNS 480.
In addition to GPS navigation, the all-in-one GNS 480 combines a built-in 760-channel VHF comm radio with 200-channel VOR, glideslope and localizer receivers. View graphics in crisp detail on its 256-color, high-resolution, sunlight readable moving-map LCD display. Useful features include multiple frequency storage, standby frequency monitoring, digital CDI, voice prompting and audio alerts, auto-decoding of Morse code station identifiers and single-nav cross check of position fixes, along with airway segments to include V,C,N,Q , and T routes. Holds can be inserted at any waypoint, whether on or off your flight plan.

Audio callouts are another 480 feature. The box announces 500 feet, missed approach point, and if an ILS approach is loaded, localizer alive. The 500 feet callout is handy for a final warning to check that your gear are down.

The 480, unlike the 430/530 navigators, has a NAV page that displays an HSI with a glideslope when an ILS or VNAV or LPV approach is loaded. The 480 also has the ability to customize the data fields on the four different map pages.

Over the next few weeks I plan on posting info on routing, holds, creating waypoints, and intersecting that point in space that ATC sends us to along some VOR radial.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hangar Time

Today, Ziva got us going pretty early.  By the time Mary and I were enjoying our first cups of coffee and tea, Ziva was ready to go.

It was a long day for all of us on Saturday with the neighborhood yard sale.  Ziva spent some time outside with us but we both thought it was getting too warm for her on the driveway, even with her blanket.

So, today we decided we would take our baby girl out for some play time. We headed to the airport so she could turn it loose, and she did.  Not much for chasing the ball today, I think she tired herself just ripping back and forth along the fence lines.

Once she was worn out we gave her ramp a second try and she did just fine. It's a royal PITA hauling the ramp so I'm not sure if we will use it or revert back to helping her in the back of our SUV.

Once we were all loaded up I noticed one plane waiting to enter runway one-four. I quickly checked the weather Application for current METARs. It was not looking good.
My personal minimums are at least seven to eight hundred feet depending on the surrounding terrain. To each their own, that's why they are personal minimums. I did go check on FlightAware if the aircraft at least filed an instrument flight plan, they did not, or at least they didn't open it on the ground.  

Transition training update...

The CFII in Doylestown just returned from California and he is going to call this evening and schedule my training.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Vlog Update 5/10/2019

My Trackform bracket came in the mail yesterday so today was test fit day.  I loaded up the Ziva girl and was off for the hangar.  

First it was play time.  Ziva ran up and down the north fence line then played fetch for just a few throws.  She was done in and ready for some cold water I keep in the mini fridge.
I had two visitors, John the lineman and Chet my hangar neighbor.  John played with Ziva, she loves John, then he checked out the new plane. John said he is looking forward to a ride when I get checked out.

Chet and I talked video equipment and touch up paints. Chet is getting ready to head to the Bahamas, I'm so jealous. I said to Chet, I would stop by his hangar when I finished mounting the new bracket and giving it a test run.  With that, he was back in his truck and heading to the B hangars. 
I got busy setting up the mount and hooking up the video and audio cable. I did notice that there needs to be an additional spacer for the opposite side headrest post to keep it level and secure. I plan on cutting a one inch PVC conduit, and putting it back together with the wide roll of electrical tape. It will be neat and clean, and provide the balance of support for the headrest. I am also going to secure the audio cables to keep it from free wheeling around behind the seat.
I also wanted to try my new Crazed Pilot Headset.  It seemed to work just fine but I will need to get comfortable with its over the ear wires.
Please post any comments or questions you may have on the Tackform bracket, Crazed Pilot headset or Video hook up.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Need a CFI with Commander Time

Weather has canceled my transition training this weekend and the CFI I had scheduled will not be available again until July.

I honestly would love to fly our Commander, ASAP. Unfortunately 3 Tango Charlie and I sit waiting. I'm tired of just making airplane noises and we really need to get in the air.

To meet insurance requirements I'm looking for a CFI with 1000TT, 250 Retract, and 25 in Type (Commander 112A).

Email, or comment, if you or a CFI you know can help me out.

Getting desperate in OC 


I have made contact with a CFII that has Commander time, and lives within an hour flight time from Ocean City.  We are going to schedule transition time in the next few weeks.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Vlog Update 5/4/2019

A Vlog update that shows my camera equipment and exterior mounting system. I did have interior footage but it was poor quality since I was in the plane, and in the hangar.

I hope to get a video put together when I resolve my mounting issue with the headliner. Maybe in the next few days. 

I was also asked to provide a walk around of the Commander, inside and out. That could be fun and I'll use some of the pictures from the annual inspection.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lynx NGT 9000 ADSB Transponder

Chet K and I swapped text messages and agreed to meet in Ocean City at his hangar at 10am.  Chet is heading to the Bahamas mid May and he wants to get his IFly GPS paired with his new Lynx NGT9000 ADSB Transponder. He was having some problems despite following the instructions.
We followed the instructions once again, but no luck matching what the instructions are telling us we should see. It was time to stray into the 'lets experiment' mode. For this round instead of selecting the Lynx we selected a generic search. All of a sudden we had a IP # and everything seemed to fall into place. There was only one way to truly test the system...FLY IT!
Mary and I cancelled the beach day siunce she was doing wash so I made sure she wanted to pass on sun and sand. With another confirmation she told me go fly...she knows me so well.
Chet and I saddled up for Cambridge, Maryland - KCGE.  We figured on a testing flight and lunch stop, a perfect combo. Upon departure from Ocean City the IFly came to life with weather info and traffic, plenty of traffic. There has to be a way to hide the distant traffic.
 Chet did all the flying, I did all the button pushing. We had audio alerts for traffic and the units were working together as one, seamlessly. There was one plane that departed CGE and we had the field to ourselves as Chet maneuvered us to land. We were the only aircraft on the ramp.

Kay's was busy but we walked in and were quickly seated. Chet had a burger and I had a BLT, both very good. We chatted about planes and ADSB while ate lunch. With full bellies we boarded 888 Bravo Whiskey and pointed for home.
Here are a few screen shots from the Lynx web page.  Overall I really like the transponder. The traffic screen and multiple map and weather pages, along with the METAR info is a real plus. The system also pairs very nicely with the IFly GPS.

  • Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder with intuitive touch screen interface
  • Dual Mode 1090ES ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In
  • Designed for 14V and 28V installations
  • Patented Lynx Tail provides Flight ID, aircraft type and ground speed data of other ADS-B traffic
  • Internal rule compliant position source (WAAS-GPS)
  • Moving map including TFRs, airport databases and NOTAMs
  • Subscription-free ADS-B graphical and textual weather including NEXRAD, METARs, Winds &  Temps Aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs
  • Customizable layouts and information per pilot preference
  • Faceplate data port for maintenance personnel access to setup menus, software updates and option enablements via laptop
  • Options available for internal L-3 NextGen Active Traffic, Antenna Diversity, PED (iPad) WiFi connectivity and Remote Mount models

  • Monday, April 29, 2019

    Meeting Blog Followers

    Mary and I enjoyed lunch today with fellow Beech Talk forum member and blog follower Roy and his bride. We met up at a local Ocean City favorite, Fish Tales, for a fun time and good eats.
    Roy and Lourdes hail from San Diego, California. We swapped a few private messages on the Beech Talk forum, and decided today would work for everyone. Roy and his bride are coming north from Norfolk, they were visiting their son who is serving in the Navy. Roy is also retired Navy. Mary and I thank them both for their service to our country.
    Mary and I had a great time, all of us chatting and getting to know each other. It's always a pleasure to meet the people who follow our blog and a fellow pilot. When Mary and I head out to San Diego we look forward to meeting up once again.