Saturday, April 20, 2019

Introducing, 3 Tango Charlie

1976 Commander 112A
We did it, we bought another plane!

Mary and I decided the new plane MUST have two doors. We were not going to crawl in and out over seats again, and we wanted the added safety of an easier exit.
I joined the Commanders Owners Group (COG) to gain as much knowledge as possible when looking at aircraft. I was welcomed to the group and soon settled in just like at the Beech Aero Club(BAC)family.

Multiple Commander Owners pointed me to Judi Anderson of Suncoast Aviation, affectionately called the Commander Queen. Judi was very helpful providing the history to each aircraft I inquired about. When I contacted Judi about 3 Tango Charlie she provided a positive response highlighting the excellent maintenance history.
The Paint and interior is in very good condition. Cloth seats with leather trim may save the burning of legs ritual on those hot summer days.
This aircraft has the shoulder belts! The avionics package is complete, ready to fly. I have always had Garmin products so the transition to the GNS 480 is not a problem. I have a simulator that I downloaded and it helps with learning the buttonology. I will need to take time to learn every aspect of the Aspen 1000 PFD.
3 Tango Charlie has the GTX 330ES for ADSB 'out'. My ADSB 'in' solution will be the Foreflight Sentry. The Sentry also has a built in Co2 monitor.

By the numbers:
TTAF 5300
Engine Lycoming IO-360 C1D6 200hp
Prop Three blade hartzel
Fuel 68 gallons
Paint 8/10
Interior 8/10
Wing Loading 16.8 lbs/sq.ft.
Service Ceiling 13,900 ft
Max Ramp Weight 2650
Useful load  828lbs w/o back seats 867lbs

Aspen 1000 PFD w/Synthetic Vision
Garmin 480W
Bendix/King KX155
Garmin GTX 330 ES Transponder 1090MHz ADSB
Audio Panel PS Engineering PMA 8000B
Auto Pilot S-Tec 60-2 
BFG 1000 Storm Scope 
JPI EDM-711 Engine Monitor w/fuel flow
Standby Vacuum System SVS V
RC 200 Kannad 406mhz ELT
ForeFlight Sentry ADSB IN

The Want list:
  • Reiff Standard preheat system (cylinders and sump)
  • LED Nav Lights
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Skyox two place regulator and cannulas w/oxymisers


Jim and Sandie said...

She sure is pretty and I'm so excited for you. Enjoy.

Mike Bennett said...

I’ve always liked the commander. Best of luck. Looking forward to many flights.

Gary said...


Thanks, we are excited to get back in the air and get back to traveling.

Gary said...

Thanks, Mike!

Chris said...


Greg J. said...

Gary, FYI, there’s a major upgrade to the Aspen 1000 happening soon for about 5k. Reason I mention it is supposedly you can get it for 3k if ordered by end of April. A friend of mine is doing it for his C182.

Diggerdavid said...

Oh my goodness! Ow I have a reason to fly to Ocean Coty, MD!

TangoWhiskey said...

Gary, agreed with what Greg mentions here. Check it out. You pay now and they do the upgrade in October estimated timeframe. But you only have until end of April to local it in.

TangoWhiskey said...

*lock it in

Anonymous said...

Gary - I have a video up on my YouTube channel explaining the functions of the Aspen PFD. Should be enough to get you familiar with it. You will want to take Aspen up on the Max upgrade. $1995 instead of $3995 later.