Saturday, April 27, 2019

Vlog Update 4/27/2019

I spent some time at the hangar cleaning out the parts and supplies that came with 3 Tango Charlie. Unfortunately, my sidekick Ziva didn't want to climb in the SUV so I was on my own.

First things first, unload the extra four Lycoming Cylinders that were pickled and boxed. For now I'll store the cylinders in the hangar but I want to get them off the concrete floor and on a pallet or some kind of raised barrier from the potential dampness.
I also unloaded all the log books and paper work that came with the plane. I wish I had taken a picture of everything spread all over my office here at the house, whew, what a mess. After two days I managed to set up the Adlog systems and a separate binder for all invoices.  Everything is now organized and in order. It was fun reading all the history of the plane, it's past owners, and maintenance.

Tentative schedule for transition training is May 10th through the 13th. It will be a three day event either starting on Friday or ending on Monday. Now I hope the weather holds.

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