Friday, October 07, 2022

Hangar Day and a look at a wrecked Cessna 180

Hangar Day with my bride and our Mastiff, Ziva. I also took a close up look at a Cessna 180 that had brake issue that resulted in an accident on runway 2-20 a month ago.

KOXB - Closed!

KOXB, Ocean City Airport is closed!  Both runways, 14-32 and 02-20 are closed along with Taxiway Hotel.  Runway 14-32 has been demoed and there is currently new stone base installed awaiting hot mix.  The runway lights are finally being updated too, no taxiway lights for this contract.  In order to complete the box out, stone base, and hot mix work, runway 2-20 needed to be closed. Tentative reopening for 2-20 is November 1st. I decided not to relocate 3 Tango Charlie. There are no hangars available in the area. After this last storm blew through Mary and I didn't want to expose our Commander to the elements for a month outside on a tie-down.

What to do while grounded? 

I purchased a Garmin MX20 MFD to pair with the Garmin 480. Now this is indeed a legacy unit, much like my GPS, but for the money I thought I would purchase the unit then decide what to do. I guess that sounds like the cart before the horse but the price was really good compared to the market value on these units. 
I headed over to the hangar to do some quick measurements on my avionics stack. I have one blank plate that opens up a space of 2.25 inches and I would have to remove the Bendix King 155 that is 2.05 inches. Moving the KX 155 would mean cutting up my custom carbon fiber panel and doing away with the Dynon D3 I have mounted for the copilot. I would also be .75 inches short of fitting the MX 20 in the center stack. 
Typically I make a pros and cons list for everything I do, this potential install absolutely requires the list.


At a glance, you can see your aircraft’s position and track on a VFR or IFR navigation chart with course lines, waypoints, and flight progress displayed over realistic terrain depictions. For arrivals and departures, an exclusive Chart View™ option lets you confirm your aircraft’s position on Jeppesen® instrument approach plates and airport surface charts. A unique split-screen feature enables side-by-side displays of any two MX charting functions.  


The MX 20 is a legacy unit, repairs are no longer available. I would have to cut up my custom panel to relocate existing equipment in order to fit it in the center stack of my Commander. The Dynon D3 would be eliminated.


I currently fly with an iPad mini 5 that has all the charts, approach plates, weather, ADS-B traffic, and a host of other goodies. The cost is an annual fee, the MX20 data card will require monthly updating for the chart service.

What I currently have in the plane serves me very well. Even though I can't send my flight plan to my GPS I can at least enter Victor airways in the Garmin 480. I should be happy with what I have, and I am, but its always fun to ponder the what if.  I guess I will box up the MX20 and put it up for sale.