Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flight Review & IR Lesson 25

Today's lesson was a completion of my flight review and then some precision approaches. The ground school portion was taken care of by my wings credits since I attended the "5 Mistakes a Pilot Makes" when it was presented in Valley Forge, PA a few months back. I also have plenty of online courses completed and provided Brian with the online list and certificates. Today's remaining flight work consisted of slow flight, steep turns, power on and off stalls and of course an engine out, oh, did I mention all under the hood. Everything went pretty smooth and I landed with the simulated engine out with no problems.

Once we completed all the fun stuff it was time to run through a precision approach or two. I followed vectors for the ILS 29 at Chester County, KMQS and did a pretty good job. I was tracking the localizer solid today with just gentle correction with rudder. I was a little slow to pick up the glide slope having brain farted and not wanting to descend until crossing the final approach fix. Doh! That brain freeze was a first and I got it squared away on the second time around. No real holds today instead vectors to bring me right back to the ILS. I did have a moment today while turning to follow vectors Brian tossed at me when I experienced the "leans". I bent down to pick up my pen and once sitting upright I had the sensation of turning to my right and descending, it was strange. I was under the hood so I was on instruments but for a split second I almost questioned what I was looking at. I knew that was the wrong feeling and trusted what I was looking at. I didn't feel that again for the rest of the flight but I stored that moment of disbelief in my mind for future reference.

I was signed off on my Flight review and added a few more approaches to the tally. I MUST get some sample tests to Brian this Saturday so he can sign me off to take the written. Anyone who reads my blog must be as tired as I am of me putting off taking the written test. I'll be ready by Saturday! I am on the flight schedule Saturday from 1-4 and then we shall see what's in store. It's all coming together each lesson and my confidence is starting to build. I'm getting excited about the cross country and check ride prep, I must be a sick man.

Tables Turned

Monday 7/28/08

I got a call from Mike that flies Cessna 25U. We fly safety pilot for each other when we can and the chance to fly with an IR pilot really helps me improve my skills. I headed to the house so I could get my headset and make sure the Bride didn't have us scheduled for any activities. Mary's Uncle called and was having a problem with his MSN 2 online cable box so I decided to make a stop and try to get him squared away. It seems he needs a new box, the video card must be fried since he had good sound and no picture. I was now running a bit behind our planned meet up time but I gave Mike a call to let him know. The folks at Atlantic were on break chowing down but had one person at the desk. I said hello and she buzzed me through the door that leads to the ramp.

Mike was just walking in from completing his pre-flight so we headed out and climbed aboard 25 Uniform for tonight's fun. Indeed the tables will be turned this evening since I will be the Safety pilot and Mike will be under the hood. I handled the radio work and contacted the Tower for clearance to taxi. The controller was a bit behind the curve this evening, I think she is one of the new trainee's. We sat at Fox2 and runway 32 to complete our run up. I monitored the radio and tried not to interrupt Mike as he flowed through the checklists. I could not help laughing when a Bonanza kept trying to taxi for departure and the trainee kept blowing the tail number and was pretty much clueless about where to direct this guy. The pilot of the Bo was patient but you could hear the frustration in his voice, at least I could. Obviously the controller did too and one of the regulars came online to get things squared away.

Finally cleared to take off on runway three two we are north bound for Chester County, KMQS and an ILS 29 Approach. Mike is pretty darn smooth and he simulates calls to ATC, flows through his checks and has us inbound. I am making position reports/radio calls and looking for traffic on the downwind. I have our traffic in sight and he advises that he will extend his down wind and follow us number two to land. Once at decision height Mike removes the foggles and sets up for a touch and go on runway two nine. Smooth touchdown and chirps to confirm we're rolling, we are on the takeoff roll. Flaps now retracted we are climbing out and maintaining the noise abatement procedure. I announce 25Uniform on the upwind two niner and settle in for the return to the published hold. A few laps around the hold and we shot the ILS approach once again, this time going missed.

Once back to the Modena VOR I got to torture Mike and asked for the VOR 24 approach into New Garden, N57. I still don't think the timing is right on the plate but we gave it a go. Mike briefed and I listened noting that he picked right up on the course change once crossing the Final approach Fix, it changes from 236* to 230*. Timer started and tracking inbound we reach the missed approach (4:28) which puts you over the numbers, good luck landing on that 3,700 foot runway when crossing the numbers at 940 feet.

Three approaches in the book we decide to head home. We head south west of the field and pretty much follow the C&D canal towards the Delaware River. I contacted Wilmington Tower and advised of our position and requested the ILS 1 (practice)approach . We were instructed to advise HAYDIN inbound. Mike was still under the foggles and I was looking for traffic. I did manage to pick out Cecil County, 58M and Summit, KEVY as we made our way home. I notice I didn't mention the haze, it was thick, ugly and just a pain to deal with this evening. Now advising HAYDIN inbound I ask to circle to land for runway three two. Wilmington Acknowledges with a circle to the south and so we continue. Field now in view we circle to land on three two and Mike brings 25U in for another smooth landing.

No eats tonight since it was getting late so we each headed out. Another good session with Mike and 25U. I really enjoy watching others fly and adding new things to my standard procedures that will help me be a better pilot. I have finally broken the 200 hour mark and it feels like quite the accomplishment, my learning still continues.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

IR Lesson 24 "Report Inbound"

I made my way to the airport early so I could hook up a few of my toys, new and old. I purchased a yoke mounted clip that has a tab for my timer and decided to hook up the Lowrance GPS. I called AeroWays for fuel and Scott came over to top off both tanks. My lesson is from 11:30 to 2:30 so a full load was my choice. I also thought about density altitude this afternoon departing Brandywine but figured after three hours of low and slow shooting approaches I would burn off 20 gallons. I was off of Wilmington from runway two seven at mike and restricted to one thousand feet for traffic along I-95 at one thousand five hundred feet (CAP flight for traffic watch). Once the traffic was no factor I was cleared at my discretion with a right turn out (to the north) approved. I acknowledged and was heading to Brandywine, KOQN. I called out a 4 mile 45* entry to left down wind two seven and the schools Cherokee called out 3.5 mile 45*. I quickly called looking for traffic and my current position on the 45* between the water towers at 1,600 feet. The student quickly knew the landmark and acknowledged traffic in sight. I respond that I will follow number two to land. It all works so nice when people talk on the radio.

I picked up Brian and we were soon climbing out of Brandywine on two seven minding the noise abatement. We role played ATC and I made my way for another go at the VOR 24 at New Garden N57. I caught my error from last week and now know why I was so far right of the approach. Once crossing the FAF Modena VOR, the course changes to 230* from 236*. I crossed modena on a 180* heading and made a left turn to a heading of 085* for my teardrop procedure turn. The five T's ; Turn Twist Time Throttle and Talk. I had already started my turn, twisted the heading bug and started the timer for a one minute outbound run. At the minute mark I turned left to intercept the 236* inbound heading. Once wings level I started the timer and tracked my way in. I passed the station at one minute and forty five seconds, I'll need to shorten my out bound leg. Here we go again, as I turn, twist and time in the hold. Only about 25 seconds out this trip which resulted in the close to one minute time inbound.

I was cleared to leave the hold and land the aircraft. Ok, turn to 230* on heading bug and CDI along with starting the timer. The decision height is 940' and the missed approach point is 4:28 from the Final Approach Fix (FAF) Modena. I am at 1000' holding level as the timer runs out. Brian says to look up and there she is just off center but I would be able to land. No time to feel good it's missed approach and back to the Modena VOR. I feel like I am chasing the needle a bit trying to hold course, it is bumpy today and the wind is gusting......I know IMC is never smooth, keep flying.

Next up is a short hop to Wilmington, KILG. I make my call 8 miles out, "Wilmington Tower, Archer 28679er 8 to the north west, inbound for practice ILS 1 with information Bravo" The tower advises to report Haydin inbound. I acknowledge. I dial up the HAYDIN NDB on the ADF 248 and listen for the ID to know it's working. I track to HAYDIN with VOR 2 set up for a cross check with the Woodstown VOR on the 267* radial. The CDI swings at the same time the ADF arrow spins around to display passage of the station. I begin my turn outbound for 1 minute on a 225* heading for my teardrop entry for the procedure turn. I flip the Nav 2 back to the Localizer frequency of 110.3 and dial in the new heading I will intercept of 015*. One minute passes and I make my left turn to 015*. The standard rate turn and the heading falls into line as if we've danced together many times, it feels good. No time for happy here as I must start the timer once crossing the FAF HAYDIN. I'm chasing a little bit but overall on course and hold glide path. I go missed but not the the published missed, instead the tower clears me for a left turn to the south and to once again report HAYDIN inbound.

This approach is smoother and I end it by going missed to clear departing traffic in order to help ATC. I thank them for the practice and head north to Brandywine. I track to the Modena VOR the set up the GPS for the GPS 27 approach into Brandywine. 13 miles out from DASDE the Initial Approach Fix (IAF). I have some time to review and get my fuel tank switched as I enjoy the bumps and altitude changes from the rising temps. About 2 miles out I set up for 90 knots and 10* flaps, setting power to 2200 rpm. DASDE to GONVA to CELPA and CELPA to RUDME. I remove my foggles and there she is right where it should be. I am cleared to land this time by my CFI so I slow down and work my way in.

Landing after wearing the foggles is the hardest part for me, the transition from the foggles back to my glasses makes everything seem so much faster that it's almost a sensory overload. My feelings are on high alert and I am very cautious. I am slow over the fence and ready to pull the remaining power when the valley before the runway just sucks the wind out of my approach. YIKES! I feel like I am dropping in. I add power and set down but get caught releasing and then holding the yoke back and 679er feels like she is back in the air. I add full power and go around. My CFI says great call, the perfect solution when it doesn't feel right. Another loop around the patch and I set 679er down and taxi off.

We settle the bill for my instruction time and confirm my 3 hour lesson for tomorrow. For now it's time to climb back in 679er and head south for home. I'm dead beat tired and thirsty. After finally getting 679er secure I make a stop at taco bell for some munchies and two tall drinks, fruit punch for me and a Pepsi for Mary. I'm getting closer to my cross country and I'm getting anxious. I'll be glad to get it completed and the check ride too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

IR Lesson 23 Clean up

Today's lesson required a reach into the gut it out bucket. I was having some light intermittent pains from a flare up with my sciatic nerve and the three H's were again keeping me company. It was hot, humid and hazy. I pre-flighted 679er and climbed aboard anxious to get started and at least get some air moving. I was cleared to take off from runway two seven at taxiway mike and was off to Brandywine airport.

I announced a three mile 45* for the left down wind runway two seven and scanned for traffic. I had a bonanza entering the cross wind for two seven and I updated my position as midfield down wind. I turned base and final announcing each leg and the Bo followed suit. I was slow over the numbers and set 679er down with a short roll out to exit the taxiway. The Bo was on short final as I announced clear of two seven. A few simple calls to keep each other aware and everything flowed smoothly.

Brian and I walked out to the plane and discussed upcoming lessons. The plan was to clean up a few procedures and be consistent, then we will move to some actual work in the system as I prep for my cross country and check ride. I was soon up and away climbing off of two seven and following the headings I was given. I try to respond to each directive as if working with ATC. I was expecting the usual ILS at Chester County but today I was tossed a curve. I was handed the plate for New Garden, N57. It was bumpy today and the winds were kicking pretty good but made for some fun work. Of course if you have been reading along you will understand the battle I have had with my holds at MXE, thankfully I have them under control since, you guessed it, this approach has a procedure turn/hold at Modena, MXE. I dialed in to proceed direct to MXE which is one of the initial approach fixes. If going to MXE I would be required to perform a procedure turn. I was on a heading of 130* so I made a direct entry and went outbound for one minute, I then turned left to a heading of 236* and crossed the station at one minute and thirty-five seconds. I adjusted my outbound time and it worked out fine as I crossed inbound at the one minute mark. I'm getting the hang of this stuff, heck, my holds with wind corrections and my tracking are all falling into place. I went missed and tracked back to the hold then we traded ATC work as we flew east. I wasn't sure where or what we were going to do next so I flew the plane and paid attention.

Cruising along with the bumps and heat Brian decides to pull the power. That's right engine out in simulated "IMC". Brian is chatting as I'm dialing in trim for 65 kts, I call out to undo anything I may have done, then to the fuel pump and tank switch. No restart, so a simulated call to approach to advise. All this while looking at the GPS for a 'nearest' field. I am over KOQN at now less then 1800' and as I pass 1500 I am told I broke out. I have the field in sight under my left wing so I turn out to the right for a set up to make a left turn back to two seven. You are saying yikes! turning back, yes I know but I have altitude and position. I glance at the airspeed and understand that a steep bank turn will increase my stall speed, I continue in. Once turned around I dump in my flaps, all of them and slip to the runway. I am going to be a tad long but I would have made it and the key is to get it on the ground in one piece. Instead I went missed and climbed out to re-enter the pattern. I joined the pattern and soon was looking at a short final. I got a pretty good down draft and had to add power to make it in then flared a bit late for a bounce followed by my very first porpoise, it stunk. I held back pressure but not enough and off I went for my second touch down. I held more back pressure and the mains sat down on the runway firmly planted and stable. I was hand on throttle ready to go around if I didn't set down.

I paid for my lesson time and reviewed today's flying. I finally headed out and climbed back in 679er. I was hot and tired but ready to get home. I taxied out and after my run up was ready to go. Density Altitude was now 2700' so I added flaps, leaned for best rpm and launched. Air vents were blasting in the air and I was gulping down water. I tracked the DuPont DQO VOR for the short ride home. Wilmington Tower gave me a straight in for runway one nine, calling a three mile final. I had a citation cross over me that entered a right base for two seven. Our spacing was just right so the tower asked me to either left turn to enter a right base for two seven number two to land or give them a 360* and continue on for one nine. I made a left 360* for spacing and then continued straight in. The tower thanked me a number of times and I responded I'm here to help, we both laughed. The best part was the citation also passed along a thanks.

Finally taxied in and tied down. I saddle up and head to the house. I'm beat! Next lesson is scheduled for back to back Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gettysburg, W05

The North East Flyers can now scratch Gettysburg off the list of places to see and things to do. We didn't have the usual large turnout but the group that made it sure did have a good time. Jeff from Dover Delaware was the first to arrive in two six Juliet with his three passengers George and pictured below Bryan and Hannah. Next was 679er with Mary and I, slow and low across the numbers once crossing over the one large tree on the extended center line of runway two four. There is no taxiway so we had to back taxi to the ramp. Next in was Sal and Loretta with their daughter Lauren, and yes the paint job on their Cardinal looks awesome!

I had already left for enterprise and Al gave rides to Herr Tavern. Jeff hung out at the Airport waiting for stragglers and for my return with the rental. I upgraded the rental from a small four seater (679er had more room) to an eight passenger van.

When I got back Rick and Ron were in from FDK and Al gave them a lift to the tavern. I made a stop to pick up the first group since the tavern said they were not open until 11:30. The group decided on a battlefield tour by rental van, the air conditioning was blowing pretty cold and it was nice having the group together. Rick and Ron passed on the tour and hung out at the tavern awaiting our return.

I drove and Sal was my navigator/co-pilot, I knew enough to surround myself with an excellent Instrument rated pilot to handle the navigation, hey, crew resource management, right?. We found our way to the "auto tour" but could not find a place that had the CD's to listen to. We managed on our own besides who wanted to walk back and forth to the packed visitor center to ask in that heat. There were monuments of every size, cannons, sculptures, marker stones and interesting reading along the way. We spent maybe an hour and a half tops on a tour that should really require more time and further investigation on foot, maybe in the fall. George who flew in with Jeff is a real history buff or so I thought I overheard. Maybe the next time we can all spend some time and really check out the southern side of the battlefield.

As a group we decided to head back to Herr's tavern and have lunch. By the time our group, 7 adults and two children got back Rick and Ron were finishing up. We stood around and chatted a bit prior to being seated for lunch. I gave Rick and Ron a lift in the burgundy bus back to W05 since they had to head back early. It was to short of a visit but maybe next time we can spend more time. I scooted back in time to order food and drink. The service was good once they remembered we were seated in the back room. Lunch chat was all over the board and the kids had a blast just entertaining themselves. The crab soup smelled fantastic and those who had it said it was very good. I had the Wisconsin Dip, roast beef and cheddar cheese with caramelized onions, it was very good.

We once again loaded up the burgundy bus and headed for the airport. Sal and Jeff pre-flighted and then headed out. I got some nice shots of both aircraft just after their run-ups. I had the hand held so Mary and I wished both flights a safe trip as we watched them depart, Sal to the north and Jeff to the east. Mary and I both agreed that the time with the group went by way to fast, we are already looking forward to the next fly-in. I slowly backed up the bus and strained to watch each flight disappear from sight, knowing I too would be climbing out of here in a few hours.

It was time to visit my Goddaughter and her husband. They live right in down town just off of Lincoln square or is that circle, well it drove in a circle so that works. Nichole works for the Gettysburg College and Dan works in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1.5 hour drive each way) . Dan will be heading to Iraq either late this year or early in 09, he's a good man and treats Nichole very nice. Did I mention they are newlyweds? Mary and I flew into KOXB, Ocean City, MD to attend their beach wedding. We sat and chatted while waiting for Nic's mom (Pam) and dad (Ted) to arrive from Gap. PA. Apparently they had a doggie emergency in the morning so they were running late. We decided to return the 'bus' to the rental place around 3:30, Ted and Dan gave us a ride back to the airport with a stop for cold water to bring along on the trip home.

We all walked out to 679er and I did my walk around, no need to sump since I didn't take on any fuel. With the call for Clear Prop 679er came to life. We taxied over to the run up area, all was good, then announced our departure on two four. I added a notch of flaps since it was so hot and runway length was 3100, always better to be safe then sorry. It was really hazy as I chugged along making a call to Harrisburg for flight following. I guess I should have dialed in Potomac since that's where they directed me, although there was no listing in the AFD. I made my call to Potomac and was given a squawk code, off we went with an extra set of eyes. Potomac held on to us well east of the Susquehanna river before cutting us loose to squawk VFR or 1200. They gave me the info for Philly but instead i dialed in the Wilmington ATIS and the tower frequency. I made my call about 10 west and was directed to report right down wind two seven. I slowed for my descent and turned to the down wind just at pattern altitude. There was an aircraft given the straight in for two seven and i was asked if i wanted to be number two or could I keep my pattern tight. I respond can do, your call, whats best for you, 679er. I was cleared to land and got good circle to land time as I kept the speed up dumping the flaps in as I turned base to final in one short complete motion and set it down on the numbers. I added power to taxi off on taxiway Kilo, the tower said thanks, taxi with me. It felt good helping the tower folks out and getting to use what I have learned in my IR lessons. With 679er buttoned up we headed for home. Mary drove, I drank down the cold water and soaked up the A/C.

I want to thank John for the contact and Al who lives next to the airport, great guy, very friendly and offered rides to those folks flying in with our group. Another great example of what GA is all about. Al, if you are reading this I'll be up to take you flying. I owe ya' one for all your time and thoughfulness you showed the North East Flyers.

Check out Jeff's pictures from the day on his web page at

IR Lesson tomorrow's going to be a hot one!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Hangar Flying

I had a lesson today, a ground lesson, that lasted about an hour. Brian and I covered any questions I had on procedures, talked about my progress and worked through getting me up to speed for my written. He provided a nice study guide for the oral portion of the check ride that covers a broad area of the IR, some really good stuff. We also spent some time talking about flight planning and how I had planned my VFR flights. I admitted that I haven't touched the E6B 'whiz wheel' since my private pilot training days or the electronic version since my PPL written. This skill, I was assured, will need to be polished.

Brian laughed and alluded to the fact if I could still use either of them. Ouch! that hurt. Yes, of course I can use them both and I can still flight plan by hand [rolls eyes] I'm not that clueless. Needless to say I will be working up a few flight plans this weekend to sharpen the skills. I do still carry the whiz wheel in my flight bag for easy access if needed, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that and it comes in handy when needing to divert if required.

Mary and I fly with the rule of 2.5 to 3 hours max seat time for any one leg and we really try to keep it to 2.5. My hip and knee start to let me know that it's time to stretch and besides, despite what any pilot tells you, one's bladder is really in control.

From Brandywine, KOQN I headed north to Wings field, KLOM. A few pilots got together for the Friday evening Hangar flying session. In attendance were Adam, Andrew, Bob, Lee, myself, Rob and Ted and Gary flew in from Williamsport, KIPT to join us. Bob surprised Adam with a birthday cake, an 'ice cream' cake! It's always great to catch up with this bunch, good info, great stories and some down right funny stuff. Adam's lovely Bride called and they decided on dinner at the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club (PACC)located at the airport. I had to head south to meet my Bride along with my brother and his wife for dinner. I'm looking forward to our next Friday night hangar fly, thanks guys!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Starter Fix

I bagged a day of work today since the wx finally cooperated and I could get 679er to Cecil County, 58M for a check up. I started hearing a pinging noise when I shut down and after inspection found the starter was still engaged, this is not a good thing. It felt great to preflight and climb in 679er. For those of you that do not fly it's hard to understand I'm sure. If you remember what it was like turning 16 and taking the family car , by yourself, with no real destination in mind then you sort of get it.

I called my friend John and asked him if he could pick me up IF 679er needed to remain at 58M. If it got the ok to continue flying we were going to go punch holes in the sky until 1pm or so. No such luck, 679er needs some work and will be spending the weekend away from home. John drove down to 58M from Bear, Delaware and we hung out at the fence watching planes come and go, enjoying the fantastic wx. There was a young man that flew in with his instructor looking at an aircraft to purchase. John and I wished him luck and decided to head north.

It was good to spend time with John, we've known each other since, I'm thinking, somewhere around 5th grade. Whew, that's many moons ago for this almost 51 year old. We got a laugh out of gas prices then (under $2) and then sticker shock looking at today's prices $4.10.....UGggghhh. We made a stop at Arners and had lunch, talked about flying, summer vacations and getting caught up. I hope John follows his dream to fly, it's burned in him longer then me. For now he can share my flight time and he gets some straight and level with some VOR tracking when we can. He'll be smooth on the radio, no doubt, with all his years in Ham radio and the ground school portion should be straight forward with all the reading and flight time together.

679er should be ready next week so maybe we can get some flying in and enjoy the view from the front seat. I'll be working on my flight review tomorrow. I have Wings certificates from the online courses for my ground portion and I'll need to check if I can do my flight time in the sim. Time to break out the FAR/AIM Article 61.56 Flight Review.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lewes by Land

Mary and I decided to take a few days away from the hectic schedule and head for the beach. We are fortunate that her Aunt & Uncle let us use their condo that sits right on the Delaware Bay. We invited Mary's Mom to join us since rumor has it that the condo is for sale and who knows how long it will be available.

We decided to pack up the ML320 instead of 679er and drove instead of flying. 679er is headed to the shop Monday morning for a check on the starter then it's back to work for the both of us so I can complete the Instrument Rating. I worked a double Wednesday and took the day off Thursday. After some much needed sleep I was still somewhat out of it as we headed south. I advised Mary not to ask me questions that needed much thought. Ah, you laugh, but I was some what cloudy on the events at hand. I felt ok to drive or at least wanted to give it a go for the short 1.5 hour ride. I would not have made this trip if we had to fly, I just didn't feel as sharp as I would want to be when flying.

Once motoring along I started to get with the program. Traffic moved along at a pretty good pace until the usual pinch points on I-95 here in Delaware. The dreaded I-95/I495/I295 merger, just terrible. Finally clear of that mess and we slow down for the I-95/SR1 merge, just as bad, maybe worse if you throw in the mall traffic entering and exiting at the same interchange. With the worst of the traffic problems behind us I motor along very nicely at 70-75 staying with traffic and shaking that cloudy feeling. We arrive to a really nice wx day and quickly open the beach house and unpack. I grabbed the "cleared for approach" manual from King while Mary was changed and sprinting for the beach. We had a few hours before we had to head to the Cape May Lewes Ferry for the fireworks tour.

Time to saddle up and head for the boats! The Twin Capes (pictured left)took on 800 passengers and no vehicles, the Delaware took on 500 passengers. It was a one hour twenty minute cruise to reach the fireworks display area which happened to be just off Cape May on the Bay side. There were bands playing people dancing and yes, Pete the Pirate making his rounds. The fireworks show was awesome and we all had a good time. We three were dead beat tired when we got back to the condo and I passed out immediately after hitting the bed.

Friday morning has us up and out for a nice ride to the Georgetown Airport, KGED. You must understand that I have to have some sort of flying fix even while on vacation. It was decided that we would try the new Lighthouse Landing Restaurant in the Terminal. I've been on the forums to long, I even keep my non-aviation posts tied into flight somehow. I think we were the first customers of the morning since we had our choice of seating. Window seats of course, like you really had to ask! The food was very good, service was good too and as always the place is very clean. There was a Gulfstream III parked on the flight line owned by LOR, Inc from Atlanta and a Citation 560XL owned by Citation Shares Sales that taxied in while we sat and enjoyed the view.

Mary and I spent a good bit of the day on the beach then made our way back to shower for dinner. Tonight we were going to Lazy Susan's, the best crab place in Lewes/Rehobeth Delaware. We walked in with no waiting line, this didn't last long . The line grew very quickly as we awaited our order. To start off we ordered a bucket of fifty clams, they went quickly but kept us happy until or dozen of large crabs arrived. Ummmm...old bay on steaming crabs, nothing better. I also ordered a side of crabsghetti that we could all pick on. AS I looked around the room there wasn't much talking but a hell of a lot of picking going on, I was in the midst of some serious crab eaters. We waddled out to the parking lot and headed to the condo, tummy's full and now like all good little puppies needing a nap.

Saturday we hooked up with my brother and his wife for breakfast. Cracker Barrel was packed and we waited about forty-five minutes. The food was ok and our server was very good, he was non-stop with orders and keeping tabs on all his tables. After breakfast the ladies; Mom, Mary and Janice headed for the outlets. The men decided on checking out the "Sports at the Beach" baseball complex and a few other locations from years gone by. I'm not sure how but my brother managed to find the first beach house he purchased back in 1976. It was a walk down memory lane as we checked it out and of course commented on the front screened in porch he and my father added. Next on our list were the properties my parents owned in Angola by the Bay. We made it to Rt 24 but the traffic was terrible. I bet we poked along for almost an hour as we made our way towards the main highway (SR1) . We decided not to turn off and loose our place in line, those properties would be there for another trip. The men finally reach home and kick back to watch baseball, nap and channel is good. Our beloved Brides and my Mother-in-law spent all day at the outlets. Yes, all day, as they returned with prizes in hand as if conquering some new land with the battle lasting until after 5 pm. I don't know how they do it.

After our group dinner we all decided on ice cream. We had passed some dairy on Rt.9 so we made the stop on our way back home. I can not do the explanation any justice unless the people who host this blog can provide a scratch and sniff. Mind you this was a dairy farm....ok your getting the mind scent. As we walked up to order, the lines at least 10 deep, Mary dropped out. She covered her nose said I'll pass and made a beeline for the SUV. I joked it's no worse then when I worked on the horse farm but in all honesty, cows STINK way more then horses. My Sister-in-law was next as she headed back to the car. Just three soldiers left standing, me, my mother-in-law and my brother. After about 15 minutes and no real movement in the line we bailed. The decision was made to head into downtown Lewes and hit the ice cream stand there. The ladies said we brought the stink with us and the group was laughing so hard my sides still hurt. A kodak moment as the old commercial used to advertise.

Sunday morning we rise and shine to cloudy skies. Maggie is scheduled for pick up around 12:30 so we decide to clean house, pack up and head out for breakfast. Today we hit the Lemon Tree, a nice little "hole in the wall" type of place with good service and very good food. My trip north took 1 hour and 20 minutes, yes the um... traffic, yeah that's it, the traffic was really moving. Heavy showers as we passed through Dover but blue skies in north Wilmington.

A fun trip for some beach and study time helps recharge the batteries. Mary and I enjoy the family time together. The cats are avoiding us, "giving us the tail" as Mary calls it. Maggie's pick up time was changed to 6pm which killed our last beach day. Mary's first comment was, she could have had beach time before we headed home.

I'm off to check wx for tomorrow's flight to get 679er's starter checked out. Back to aviation posts tomorrow!