Sunday, July 20, 2008

IR Lesson 23 Clean up

Today's lesson required a reach into the gut it out bucket. I was having some light intermittent pains from a flare up with my sciatic nerve and the three H's were again keeping me company. It was hot, humid and hazy. I pre-flighted 679er and climbed aboard anxious to get started and at least get some air moving. I was cleared to take off from runway two seven at taxiway mike and was off to Brandywine airport.

I announced a three mile 45* for the left down wind runway two seven and scanned for traffic. I had a bonanza entering the cross wind for two seven and I updated my position as midfield down wind. I turned base and final announcing each leg and the Bo followed suit. I was slow over the numbers and set 679er down with a short roll out to exit the taxiway. The Bo was on short final as I announced clear of two seven. A few simple calls to keep each other aware and everything flowed smoothly.

Brian and I walked out to the plane and discussed upcoming lessons. The plan was to clean up a few procedures and be consistent, then we will move to some actual work in the system as I prep for my cross country and check ride. I was soon up and away climbing off of two seven and following the headings I was given. I try to respond to each directive as if working with ATC. I was expecting the usual ILS at Chester County but today I was tossed a curve. I was handed the plate for New Garden, N57. It was bumpy today and the winds were kicking pretty good but made for some fun work. Of course if you have been reading along you will understand the battle I have had with my holds at MXE, thankfully I have them under control since, you guessed it, this approach has a procedure turn/hold at Modena, MXE. I dialed in to proceed direct to MXE which is one of the initial approach fixes. If going to MXE I would be required to perform a procedure turn. I was on a heading of 130* so I made a direct entry and went outbound for one minute, I then turned left to a heading of 236* and crossed the station at one minute and thirty-five seconds. I adjusted my outbound time and it worked out fine as I crossed inbound at the one minute mark. I'm getting the hang of this stuff, heck, my holds with wind corrections and my tracking are all falling into place. I went missed and tracked back to the hold then we traded ATC work as we flew east. I wasn't sure where or what we were going to do next so I flew the plane and paid attention.

Cruising along with the bumps and heat Brian decides to pull the power. That's right engine out in simulated "IMC". Brian is chatting as I'm dialing in trim for 65 kts, I call out to undo anything I may have done, then to the fuel pump and tank switch. No restart, so a simulated call to approach to advise. All this while looking at the GPS for a 'nearest' field. I am over KOQN at now less then 1800' and as I pass 1500 I am told I broke out. I have the field in sight under my left wing so I turn out to the right for a set up to make a left turn back to two seven. You are saying yikes! turning back, yes I know but I have altitude and position. I glance at the airspeed and understand that a steep bank turn will increase my stall speed, I continue in. Once turned around I dump in my flaps, all of them and slip to the runway. I am going to be a tad long but I would have made it and the key is to get it on the ground in one piece. Instead I went missed and climbed out to re-enter the pattern. I joined the pattern and soon was looking at a short final. I got a pretty good down draft and had to add power to make it in then flared a bit late for a bounce followed by my very first porpoise, it stunk. I held back pressure but not enough and off I went for my second touch down. I held more back pressure and the mains sat down on the runway firmly planted and stable. I was hand on throttle ready to go around if I didn't set down.

I paid for my lesson time and reviewed today's flying. I finally headed out and climbed back in 679er. I was hot and tired but ready to get home. I taxied out and after my run up was ready to go. Density Altitude was now 2700' so I added flaps, leaned for best rpm and launched. Air vents were blasting in the air and I was gulping down water. I tracked the DuPont DQO VOR for the short ride home. Wilmington Tower gave me a straight in for runway one nine, calling a three mile final. I had a citation cross over me that entered a right base for two seven. Our spacing was just right so the tower asked me to either left turn to enter a right base for two seven number two to land or give them a 360* and continue on for one nine. I made a left 360* for spacing and then continued straight in. The tower thanked me a number of times and I responded I'm here to help, we both laughed. The best part was the citation also passed along a thanks.

Finally taxied in and tied down. I saddle up and head to the house. I'm beat! Next lesson is scheduled for back to back Saturday and Sunday.

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