Sunday, June 15, 2014

OCMD Airshow Weekend

I didn't list this post as N/A since there was some flying involved by the folks in the post and an air show, that does count. 

Mary and I are trying to settle into our beach home while maintaining the primary residence in North Wilmington. We have a contractor in the house, Pipeline LLC, giving the home a once over. Fresh paint, some bathroom updates and basement drywall and paint. The work is coming along very nice and it's almost ready to list with our Real Estate Agent.

Saturday 6/14

A few firsts in the Beach home....

We had our first overnight guests, Mike B and his Bride Kim. Mike and Kim flew the Cirrus in for some much needed beach time and the Ocean City Air Show. The four of us spent a good part of the day at the Ocean Pines beach club enjoying the sun and sand AND the guys got to watch the airshow from the comfort of a beach chair.  Life is very good!

After heading back to the house Mike and Kim walked Ziva and they kept each other entertained. We all relaxed for a bit then cleaned up for dinner at the Ocean City Bay front restaurant, The Hobbit.  Dinner was perfect, great company, tremendous sunset view and excellent food and service.
Sunday 6/15

With the Airshow TFR's starting up by noon Mike and Kim decided to head north early. Mary and I shuttled them over to the airport and helped got in Mikes way as he pre-flighted the Cirrus.

We watched the Cirrus pass overhead shadowing the beach while we drove along RT 589 back to our home. Good Times with great friends! We are looking forward to making it a longer weekend soon!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Air Time 08Romeo

FRIDAY 6/6/2014

Its been thirty-five days since I last put the key in and unlocked 08Romeo. She was a sleepy girl indeed, even feeling bit neglected I think.  It all came back, as they say,just like riding a bike. Preflight and flight prep, it all felt so good. I used a California duster to clean off what the sandman left on 08Romeos surface and our special window cleaner once all the dust was gone.

I packed in our bags, our girl Ziva but forgot our heat shields. No problem we have all our covers for the weekend protection and it will be nice to use them once in a while.

I took on 26 gallons which took me to 50 for my weekend flight. I tanker enough to get home with reserves since its a good price at $5.55 a gallon. 08Romeo came to life and all gauges looked good, we taxied for the run up area then turned for the hold short at runway two-four.  You know it's been a while since you last flew when you announce departure and draw a blank on the runway, crack up and then repeat your departure announcement adding in the runway info.

The flight to KOXB was bumpy but we enjoyed a nice tail wind riding along at 125 knots. Ziva woke a few times to lick Mary's arm letting her know she was not liking the bumps. Of course as soon as she settled in for her customary nap time I was adding the last notch of flaps for my landing on runway one four into Ocean City.  Hey, I remembered how to land this bird.  The true test will be getting back into New Garden, but for now it's the weekend and I'm at the beach!

SUNDAY 6/8/2014

It's funny how you fall right back into your routine with the plane. We arrived at OXB and after securing the airport car we settled up our weekend tie down with the staff so it was deducted from our six month paid in advance discounted rate. Mary climbed aboard and Ziva climbed the wing, with a little boost then proceeded to lay down in the back and look at me out the window. I finished up the preflight and we soon launched for home.
The wind Gods smiled on us as we rode a ten knot tail wind north. The ride was better than the ride south but as we approach the Dover area close to the Delaware Bay we picked up some very light chop. Ziva never woke up and either did my Bride. I switched over to CTAF at the field once clear of Wilmington's Delta airspace and worked my way to the pattern. I heard one plane land and had a visual on a glider turning for final on two-four as I updated my position as 2 mile left base two-four. I added the last notch of flaps at my (best GPS female voice) five hundred. My rate of descent was smooth and steady with a nice flair with stall horn followed by touchdown just past the numbers. I missed the first turn off choosing not to eat up brakes, instead rolling along for the next exit.

I tucked 08Romeo back in her hangar and cleaned off all her leading edges and windscreen. Obviously the bugs were out in full force coming home but 08R cleaned up very nice. With a pat on the cowling for a job well done I closed the hangar doors so she could drift off for a well deserved rest.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

N/A Load em' up, move em' out!

I haven't flown since May 2nd!

We loaded up the 17' U Haul and moved into our beach home in Ocean City Maryland with anything the stager decided needed to go from our Wilmington home. I will finally get back in the air this weekend. Flying will sure beat driving the 2.5 hours in U-Haul truck or any other ground pounding vehicle!