Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book Review: Wager With The Wind

Publisher Comments:

Don Sheldon has been called 'Alaska's bush pilot among bush pilots', but he was also just one man in a fragile airplane who, in the end, was solely responsible for each mission he flew, be it a high-risk landing to the rescue of others from certain death in the mountains of Alaska or the routine delivery of supplies to a lonely homesteader. Read James Greiner's Wager with the Wind to learn how a hero was born, and also how he made his courageous journey to the unknown skies of dealing with cancer.

About the Author

James Greiner is an author of children's books. Published credits of James Greiner include Rebelde Con Causa/Taking Charge and Wager with the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story.
Wager with the Wind reminded me of the book Artic Bush Pilot. I found myself hangar flying, sitting by that fire in a cabin with Greiner as he retold the amazing stories of Don Sheldon's flights, missions of compassion and daring rescue. I could easily picture myself wide eyed and soaking in each event as he would provide every twist. Sheldon was a master of his craft, not just the aircraft, but the art of bush flying and dealing with weather and terrain.

I started this book about a month ago then got sidetracked with work and Mary's health. Every night I would pick it up and set it down wanting to just sleep. This morning I picked up the book and took it to the hospital with me. I had plenty of time to read while Mary went through her infusion treatment for her migraines.

I backtracked and started from page one. I knocked out 256 pages and wanted more. A very good read, easy to follow even though one event rolls into another and each flight leaves you wanting more.

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