Saturday, November 02, 2013

Photo Shoot

Today was our scheduled trip to Boston but since Mary is still not feeling good, fighting a two week series of migraines, we decided to scrub.

With a day to play in the clear blue sky and perfect temps I decided to flight test my 'attempted' heater repair then do a photo shoot on my project in Cape May NJ and Lewes DE. Vince was planing to meet me at the airport so I headed to New Garden on my own.

I securely mounted my new Switchbox and gave it a go.  It took a few seconds from the time I sent the text with the free iPhone controller app to the power switching on, very cool!  No more extra round trip drives to the airport to plug in and since I'm in the hangar no more 300' of extension cords, life is good.

With the preheat issue resolved I moved on to a quick clean up.  It's so nice to use a California duster then tug 08Romeo out to the taxi-lane for start up. I pulled my SUV in the hangar and closed up the doors, I was ready to fly. Vince arrived and he looked over the like new Garmin 530 with its squeaky clean screen and WAAS start up info screens.

I taxied out to runway two four, completed my run up and announced my intentions. New Garden was busy this morning, glider activity in full swing, a Cessna 170 convention filling up the ramp and a few war birds parked on the main ramp too. Absent any radio calls and a visual confirmation that the pattern and approach are clear I roll out for departure. I really need to maintain a short field attitude and use a notch of flaps to get me in the air and off the bumpy runway quicker.
08Romeo climbs out to one thousand feet before turning south in order to maintain noise abatement procedures.  The sky is clear and visibility is amazing! It's a quick trip to Cape May with tail winds pushing us along in the 120 plus range. Vince spotted a blimp on the Jersey coast line as it started across the Delaware Bay and snapped off some pics. I zeroed in on the Ferry Terminal and announced circling on station at the terminal at two thousand, west of the airport on WWD's CTAF.
We circled for three rounds then climbed back to six thousand five hundred before crossing the bay. Passing below on the surface there was a ferry heading to Lewes and one coming from Lewes to Cape May. As we approached Lewes I descended to two point two and made three rounds to get the pictures I wanted. Vince did a great job!
It was time for lunch, so we pointed 08Romeo towards Georgetown and made the short hop. Vince commented that my landing was one of the best he ever felt and maybe that short narrow field at N57 was a good thing. I told him don't get all happy, the next landing will remind him how much I miss the wide open runways when we get back home.

We each enjoyed a soup and sandwich as we looked through the shots he took over both terminals. A few planes came in and a few left, it seemed slow here today. I took on 19 gallons at $5.45, ten cents off when you eat at the restaurant and don't forget the Delaware motor fuel tax refund of twenty-three cents a gallon.

With my fuel bill squared away we saddled up for home. Once in the air I transferred control to Vince so he could get some stick time. Somehow it always works out that his leg is bumpy and with headwinds...good planning on my part I guess or just dumb luck. Vince did a great job as usual and I took over around Wilmington as we looked for New Garden. Vince spotted the tower/silo off the approach of two-four and I set up for about a three mile forty-five entry for the left down wind. I made an ok landing with a long roll out to end the day.

Next weekend I move 08Romeo to 58M for annual. My squawk list is short, three items. Heater still not working, ELT reset switch needs to be rewired and I'm just a few hours away from my oil change time. I'm looking forward to some plane time despite the sore body that comes with it from crawling around on the concrete floor.

Hopefully Vince will provide some pictures from today's shoot and I'll get them posted.

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