Friday, November 29, 2013

More Heat, Test Flight

I had been following a post on the BAC forum concerning heat in the cabin.  08Romeo makes good heat for the front but the two air outlets located near the feet of back seat occupants doesn't get real hot. Dave G had mentioned his approach to limiting the fresh air mix with the hot air.

"I thought I'd close off this thread. Taping off the mixer valve fresh air intake duct (at the cowl side) has made a huge impact. It was unseasonably cold this morning (12F on the surface at takeoff) when my wife and I flew to Chicago. It was about 15F outside most of the flight. Once we got up to altitude (5500) and leaned for maximum EGT, WOW did we get heat. With the cabin heat full on, I was getting so much heat that the instrument panel was getting hot. It was actually uncomfortable to leave your feet forward on the rudders.
Unfortunately, the heat doesn't get to the back of the plane very well. I had to leave the heat full on to make it tolerable for the rear seat passengers. I may have to fly in shorts in the winter.

On the return trip (at night), the temps were about the same. It took a little longer due to headwinds, and we eventually got the plane warmed up enough that we were all comfy (OK I was dying of heat). I actually had to reduce the heat control and the OAT was about 14.

I did try adding in the defroster. It moves a lot of very hot air, and is very loud. It definitely adds a lot of heat to the cabin, but I don't like to leave it on full since it heats up that windshield pretty good.

Anyway, If anyone wants more heat in an old Musketeer, taping off that duct seems to do it."

I taped off my fresh air vent on the lower cowl and it produced more heat and put an end to the cold air flow to the rear floor vents. My concern was being able to maintain enough fresh air if needed. I opened the vents on each side of the cabin and it blew ice cold.  I should mention that the air at 3,000 yesterday was 22*F. The overhead vents still crank out fresh air since they are fed from a separate air intake.
I95 & SR1 new connection left and KILG top right
Vince and I did a test flight to Cape May for lunch and the cabin seemed much warmer overall. I think it's a combination of the restricted fresh air flow and the new cabin door seals replaced at annual. We still had plenty of fresh air when needed, which I turned on Vince while he was flying...hehe. He confirmed, it was COLD air.

The real test will be tomorrow when Mary and I head to Ocean City for a day of cruising around in the beach buggy. We'll hit some shops at the outlets, the bakery in Lewes and enjoy the day together. We shall see how warm the plane review is.

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