Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ready For Annual

Mike and Vince headed up to New Garden this morning so they could fly 08Romeo to annual.  I had scheduled my oil change for the ML320 at 8:30 and I didn't want to wait another week since I was just over my mileage between changes.
We swapped a few text messages and 08Romeo was in the air as I was leaving the shop.  Traffic was moving pretty good and I was "keeping with the flow", I'll leave it at that. Vince sent me a text that they were on the ground and I was just getting on RT 40, still twenty minutes out.
I arrived at the shop in time to help push back and secure 08Romeo.  With the reposition completed we piled in my SUV and headed to Wilmington. Mike was going to fly the Cirrus today and invited Vince and I to tag along.
Mike completed the pre-flight and we were ready to go.
The plan was to head south west to Cambridge, KCGE.  Lunch at Kays! It was a quick flight, the SR22 really gets after it. I did get some stick time but I still feel distracted by the glass. Mike reminded me eyes out. He was right, I was fixating on the panel.  With that I picked a spot way out over the nose and pointed the Cirrus at it.

Mike took control as we approached, making the decision to abandon the attempt at logging an approach in order to flow with traffic. It was very busy today at Cambridge. Mike was a bit high and fast but dialed it in and made a sweet landing.
We enjoyed lunch, watching aircraft come and go along with good food and company,what a combination. With full tummy's we decided to head for home. It was a quick trip north zipping along at 160 knots. Mike made another nice landing into ILG.
I dropped Vince off at home then Mike and I drove up to New Garden so he could pick up his car. When we got there we saw an ultra-light parked in the field just north of my hangar. We sat while it warmed up then we watched the guy fly one round in the pattern. He had to be freezing his buns off!! I did get to meet up with Charlie. We met at Cecil Aero after he had been reading my blog. It's always nice to meet readers! Great to catch up this afternoon Charlie!

A FUN day flying and I can't thank Mike enough for flying 08Romeo for me. Vince got some stick time in my Sundowner which is always a good thing for him. Thanks Vince for helping Mike get the plane out and ready to fly!

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