Monday, January 31, 2022

Checking Airport Conditions

This morning I decided to head over to the airport and check on the runway conditions. Ocean City has been NOTAMed closed since Saturdays snow event. 
The HOA plow team opened up our driveway around 7am, I heard them and their equipment back-up beepers. My lovely bride slept right through it all. After taking care of a few things here I loaded up Ziva and grabbed a video camera for the ride along.

My friend Chet was heading out to reposition his plane for annual and my friend Charles still has his plane hangared here since the weather prevented him from flying home Friday morning.  I just wanted to update my database for the Garmin 480, update my JPI for the correct fuel load, and let Ziva play in the snow. Missions accomplished.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Full Moon Saloon

After swapping text messages with fellow BAC member Les G, we decided to meet here in Ocean City MD for lunch. I only had to provide ground transportation, Les did the flying. I just can’t motivate myself to tug the plane out in the cold. I’m getting soft after all those years in highway and bridge construction. 

The four of us enjoyed our lunch at the Full Moon Saloon, good friends, and good food. I know our brides had fun catching up while we talked airplanes.

Oxygen Delivery System Upgrade

My current oxygen system consists of a 22cf tank, two place regulator, and individual flowmeters and oxymiser pendants for pilot and copilot. 
Oxymiser Pendant Cannula
If you have watched my videos you know of the struggle wearing one of these over the ear cannulas with my headset. It's a real pain, and wearing it the correct way will break the seal on the headset earcups. 

After watching a few of my favorite flying video channels I discovered a boom type delivery system. Of course this piqued my curiosity and I did some research. 

I do not want to purchase a total new delivery system, instead, I want to "update" my current system.  This will require a blend of different manufacturers designs...Frankenstein comes to mind. Yikes!

My plan 

Keep the existing flowmeter and tank connection in place with the oxymiser pendant.

Cut the existing pendant on each side and then connect with a Y connector.
Connect the Y to the easy disconnect for the boom cannula. The last step would be to connect the boom to the headset. With the thumb screw in the picture below you can remove the boom at any time or simply use the quick disconnect also pictured below.

Parts cost:  
Mountain High Boom Cannula  $99
Quick Disconnect $15
Oxygen line Y adapter $6

Thursday, January 13, 2022

First Flight 2022

I went to bed last night with a plan to fly this morning. Temps were coming up, and overnight temps were forecast for mid thirties. I decided that I would switch on 3 Tango Charlies pre-heats and then be ready to go, only having to figure out where to go.

I swapped text messages and a phone call with my friend and fellow pilot Charles G. Charles suggested Hagerstown (HGR) but I didn't feel like flying that far. We decided on Cambridge but this morning we changed to Hammonton NJ (N81). I last landed at N81 back in January of 2020 to meet my brother-in-law who rode his Harley to meet me. I remember the airport was easy in and out and the food was good.
I started up and taxied to runway three-two then launched for the Delaware Bay. Once in the air I remembered my life vest was in the baggage area, a lot of good that will do if I have a problem. I continued on, crossing the Bay at five thousand five hundred with ground speeds of 147 kts. The air was smooth and I enjoyed the ride, taking a pass on flight following, instead just monitoring. 
I was called out to a Cirrus passing below me so I stopped my descent once feet dry on the Jersey side. Once the traffic passed below me I continued down for two thousand five hundred. 

I had planned on runway 3, straight in, but there was a Cessna entering the pattern and landing on two-one. Not a problem I made a long entry to the left downwind two-one and made my calls. My landing was smooth even if a bit flat. 
I taxied clear and parked along side the restaurant awaiting Charles and his Warrior. No sooner I was out and looking for Charles on final I heard chirps and watched him roll out. What timing.
There were open tables but the Apron Cafe' was busy. We were quickly seated and placed our orders, I had creamed chip beef and a side of scrapple, Charles had an omelette. Conversation was great as always, flying, politics and how to save the world.  Maybe us pilots are a lot like truckdrivers, they think they can figure a way to fix anything too. 
Once breakfast was consumed we headed back out to the flight line. Charles was first to start and taxi out, I followed and the Cessna that landed ahead of me followed me out. There was one plane inbound and for some reason he decided to use runway two-one. Charles coordinated with him and launched, I had to wait for him to land and clear before I rolled on to the runway.
It was another smooth flight home, this time at six thousand five hundred across the bay. I did monitor Atlantic City and I heard my friend Frank in his PA30 (AirDorrin)shooting an approach with ACY.  Frank actually was given a hold to let an Airbus land ahead of him.  
I continued on and switched to Dover Approach until closer to home. Once I had the weather at Ocean City I decided on runway one-four and made my calls as I headed in. I had one bit of traffic, a Dakota, heading my way but we communicated well and each continued on. After clearing with the Dakota traffic I entered on an extended left base for one-four and made a nice landing here at the beach.

Next up a flight to Wilmington (KILG) for my bride, if I can secure a rental vehicle for her.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Destinations for 2022

It all starts with a plan...

I have made similar posts over the years but this year I believe we will get back to our travels. Once again Mary suggested we make a list of places we want to explore. So let's get to it, in no particular order, our list.

New Adventures

Fremont, NH
Niagara Falls, Canada
Laurel, MS
Fernandina Beach, FL We did Vero Beach, FL
Destin, FL
Charleston, SC
Mackinac, MI

Return Trips
Key West, FL
Nags Head, NC
Jekyll Island, GA
Boston, MA

Taking a look at New Adventures we see some of the same list as years past. Mary and I really want to visit with Adam and Jeanine in New Hampshire. We both want to meet their son and see their beautiful home. Fernandina Beach, Destin and Charleston can push to the Fall, a go to for warmer temps. Niagara is on the list, but it should really be on the Return To list. Mary and I have both been to the Falls but this time we want to fly there instead of ground pound. 

The Big Trip

Somewhere in the fall schedule will be a BAC Fest flight out to Palm Springs, CA (KUDD). This trip will have many stops and end up being a trip much like our trip out to Dubuque IA, Rapid City SD, Kansas City KS then home. The plan is for multiple places to visit, some new and some returning. We hope to finally cross off Laurel MS (KLUL) and revisit Waco TX (KACT). On the return home we might get to stop and visit the Food Channel's Pioneer Woman in Pawhuska, OK (H76) and finally visit Secretariat's final resting place in Paris, KY (27K). 

There is also a chance that the Commanders Owner Group(COG) may be meeting out west this year around the same time as BAC Fest. What timing if we could do both owners groups and maybe the Albuquerque Balloon Fest. Wow, what a trip that would be!

The Return Trip list is our wish list of places we would love to return to. Nags Head is always a favorite as well as Key West. Jekyll Island would be a great get-away to just lay on the beach and recharge. Boston to visit family and maybe serve as a jump point for Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Block Island.

So for now this is "the list". We shall see how many new destinations we can visit, and how many places we can return to for some R&R.