Friday, July 14, 2023

Summer and Fall Plans

It has been a hot and wet July here in Ocean City MD. Thunder boomers have been in the forecast just about everyday. It's just not worth pulling the plane out to sweat like crazy to bore holes in the sky.

Mary and I have been looking for places to visit and explore while we remain cool here at home. The plan to attend the BAC Fest in OSH was abandoned since there wasn't a lot to do or great places to eat. I would have liked to tour Lambeau field again but other than that not much excited us. We canceled our room at the on field Hilton and looked for new destinations. The Commander group (COG) selected Boyne Mountain in Michigan for their annual get together. Unfortunately it's one week after BAC Fest. We did not want to hang around that long and be away from the zoo, so we won't be attending the COG event either.

I will also need to schedule some time in the sim or hope for a nice day and a safety pilot to extend my Instrument currency beyond July.  My friend Mike B and his bride Kim will be overnighting here the end of the month but I don't think Mike and I will have time to fly.  
My medical is due by the end of August so I have that scheduled the first week of the month. With the crazy temps and wet summer Mary and I will plan a get-away up north, maybe Niagara Falls, or maybe back to the Boston area. September is looking better for our travels with a week away in Charleston followed up by a few days in a beach front condo in Grand Strand.  October or November could see a trip to Galveston Texas for a week away and a chance to knock out another HGTV location, Restoring Galveston.
Recently the COG group did change the location for the annual event since they could not secure enough rooms at the Boyne Mountain location. The new location will be Dayton Ohio. I was excited to attend and sit in on the service clinics but the timing is not going to work for us. We will be coming home from vacation on the second day of the fly in and I'm not up for an immediate turn around even though it's a short hop. 

For now we concentrate on Charleston and all the exciting things to do there. Our reservations are locked in and I only need to secure a rental car for both vacation stops.