Thursday, June 01, 2023

Checking on 3 Tango Charlie

It’s been a long relaxing Memorial holiday weekend. I know most folks do backyard BBQ’s but growing up our family always honored fallen service members and remembered family members who had passed. It was a ritual of sorts, the men were up early and visiting multiple cemeteries making sure everything looked perfect and placing the specific flower basket in the right place. Following the landscape phase we went and showered then dressed for a day visiting graves. I remember standing at each military gun salute and picking up spent brass. I also remember the fire departments along Main Street intersections passing the boot to each car for donations. Strange the memories that stick with you after all the years gone by. 

Thursday, June 1st

Mary and I decided to drive to Wilmington.  Mary wanted to pick up a painting at her sister in laws home that I didn’t pick up last week.  In all fairness I wasn’t told about the pick up and Lynn must have forgotten.

The first stop is to  check on 3 Tango Charlie. I had a brief phone conversation with the airport and shop manager on Tuesday discussing the Commander elevator inspection. I wanted to follow up and check on progress, hopefully catching the wing root seal install and/or the MP/FF gauge replacement.  

I’m not sure if the gear swing has been completed. I was told the annual inspection was pretty much complete. After looking over the plane I didn’t see any of my squawk list items addressed.  Needless to say I wasn’t very happy. I dropped off my old log books as requested and then headed towards Wilmington. 

We decided on lunch at Pizza by Elizebeth. Mary had the Hasselbeck; Original tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Italian meatballs, provolone & parmesan cheese. I had the Davis; Spicy blackened chicken, bacon, cheddar, and provolone, drizzled with honey-mustard sauce. 

We picked up the Paul Scarborough oil painting and sat and chatted a bit. I refilled our drinks with ice and with that we got on the road south for home.

Lucy was on her own for seven hours and was a very good girl. I did catch her on camera curling up on my seat on the leather couch. I activated the mic feature and reminded her I was watching and to get off the couch. Lucy looked around and  slowly made her way to her bed.

Lucy did get her revenge and decided to cover the great room floor with her version of confetti. My “attention” stick, an old (circa 1990’s) tall tv guide wrapped in electrical tape was everywhere. Now please understand I never hit her with this but when any dog I’ve owned doesn’t give me their immediate attention when I give a command I will wack it on a table or couch and the noise it makes…well, it gets their attention. We had also left this months Parkes Bench News booklet on the couch but that didn’t even have a dog eared corner. I believe Lucy’s act was clearly directed at me. Maybe the cats put her up to it since they have been on the receiving end of long range attention getter bombings. 

Just like this mornings ride it was two hours home. I sure miss my plane when making the  run back and forth to Wilmington.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Annual 2023 Part 1

It's that time of year and once again annual is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23rd. I covered my squawk list on a previous post and have compiled the necessary items to be replaced or repaired. 

Instead of arriving on Tuesday morning I will fly up Monday to leave the plane, parts, and keys at the shop at New Garden, N57. I already called to add a Monday to my car rental and Mary added Monday to the room reservation. I will drive over to my sisters house early Tuesday so we can head north to Wilkes-Barre to attend my Aunt Erma's funeral.

It's hard to believe that all blood aunts and uncles are gone on both sides of the family. I can still see and hear my aunt and my mom sitting together and laughing so hard they are both in tears and no voice coming out of either one of them,as they try to catch their breath. As in any Italian family you can not visit without eating something, maybe cookies, maybe home cured meats (Lonsa), even a porchetta sandwich (Erma's was the very best.) Great memories with family and of my mom with her sister. 

My preflight was completed Sunday and I am ready to head north to New Garden, N57. I decided to fly VFR and pick up flight following with Dover approach.

The ride north was smooth but hazy as I contacted Dover then eventually was handed off to Philly approach. I cancelled once clear of Wilmington’s Delta airspace and let down for New Garden.  
Hertz delivered my rental and I was soon off to check in at the Montchanin Inn. Mary had me drop off gifts for the great nephews and it was nice to catch up with sister-in-law Lynn.
My sister and her husband invited me over for dinner and dessert. It’s always fun catching up and having good laughs. Dinner was excellent, great job Dave, and Denise made a very tasty coconut cream pie. 

Honest, there will be annual info and pictures soon. I was up early to shower and get dressed for my aunts funeral. I hitched a ride with my sister, arriving at their house by 6:30am. The trip north to Wilkes-Barre was two hours and twenty minutes to the church. The service was excellent and I wish that priest was at our church. Following the service we headed to the Italian cemetery where my aunt was buried next to my uncle Walter which is  right next to my parents. Many memories of my Mom and Dad came rushing back in my mind and the family stories flowed as we walked through to visit my grandparents grave and other aunts and uncles. I can remember when they all bought the plots joking how it would be a party on the other side, well I hope that was the case today.


My first day of taking part in 3 Tango Charlie’s annual! My lower cowling was sent out to a shop to be painted, hopefully it won’t take too long. 

I removed the elevator inspection plates, tail cone cover and the dorsal fin. I helped remove the front seats, what a PIA. 
Gear plumbing and hydraulic pressure switches
Flap Actuator  
Hydraulic gear check valve
When inspecting the nose gear doors I found a rub on one of the connecting hinges. It needs to be replaced, or a doubler added. 
Nose gear hinge

The ELT was removed and the battery expiration is noted as 08-2023 so a new battery will be ordered. While removing the battery pack there was a foam type spacer that was removed to provide a better access to the battery wire connection on the circuit board. Check out the label…who did that to require such a warning?

I stuck around long enough to find out my engine  compressions were all in the high seventies. With that noted I called it a day and headed out to lunch, then the hotel to watch the Phillies baseball game.


With plenty of rest last night I made an early start for the shop. I walked in as the oil change started. The screen was removed and looked good as well as the filter.  
Flexible funnel
I have been working the phone trying to find a gear door hinge, should have news this afternoon. 

The A&P that worked on my plane last year will be in tomorrow to do the inspections to include the few items in my squawk list. I’m headed back to the hotel to have lunch and pack up for my departure tomorrow. I’ll return when the plane is complete and ready to go, most likely waiting on the paint shop at Smoketown to finish my lower cowl.


Packed and loaded up the rental, heading to the airport. Charles offered to fly me home and the rental company will release me from the last four days of my reservation, win win. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I hatched this rental plan but I did forget it was memorial weekend.  What a nightmare it would have been driving south to the beach and then returning up north next week. Obviously a CRS moment. 

Charles and I headed south around lunch and it was a very nice flight. Some bumps along the way but the view was worth it. When asked if I wanted to fly I politely refused, instead, wanting to take in the view I typically don't get to see when left seat.

Big time shout out to Charles G for offering me a ride home, I wasn't in any shape to make that drive as bad as I was feeling. Thanks for the save!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Buttonology and Proficiency

I have been working on proficiency when it comes to the buttonology of my Stec 60-2 autopilot, and my Garmin 480 GPS. 

Today was a quick hop in the bumps to shoot the RNAV GPS 4 approach into Delaware Coastal, KGED. Purely on autopilot and the Stec performed flawlessly. I wanted to shoot at least one more but didn’t want to ride the rodeo horse to get it done. 

I broke off my approach into GED and pointed for Ocean City, OXB. A fun day in the air and it got the oil pumping too. 


Captured from FlightAware

I hope to get a few more flights in before annual on the 23rd of this month at New Garden, N57. 

Monday, May 08, 2023

My Squawk List

Annual 2021

With annual just a couple of weeks away I am fine tuning my squawk list of items I want addressed. Lets get right to that list.

Commander N453TC Squawk List 

  1. IFR CERT (Needs to be scheduled)
  2. WING ROOT SEAL (I have wing root seal – 25ft silicone product)
  3. MP/FF GAUGE CLEAN/REPLACE  (I have replacement gauge if original snubber valve doesn’t clean up)
  4. PAINT BOTTOM COWL  (I have paint for cowl)
  5. AUDIO ALERTS ASPEN  (do not hear any alert tones)
  6. HARD WIRE USB POWER POINTS  (I would like two (2) additional USB power points installed)

(1)The IFR Cert can be done at the shop if they have their equipment back in time, if not, I'll schedule FlyAdvanced Avionics to come up and get it done. 

(2) I purchased 25 feet of wing root seal from aircraft spruce. It's a new material, silicone, and it's supposed to be easier to install. We shall see. The silicone seal is 3/16" wider then the typical overlap section which should provide better coverage.

(3) Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow gauge. I had some trouble with this gauge back in August of 2019 and had the guys at Cecil aero removed it, cleaned the oil clogged snubber valve, tested it, and reinstalled. I've had no issues until recently.  Just in case I purchased another gauge that was working when removed from another Commander owner/pilot. I gave some thought to going digital but I rather not spend an additional $1500.
(4) The bottom cowl needs to be painted to fix the chip that came off during 3 Tango Charlie's last spa day. The shop spray booth is pretty busy but I hope they can work me in while in annual. I do have all three colors for the repaint that I chased down after purchasing the plane.

(5) I want to get the audio alerts working on my Aspen and Autopilot. Currently my minimums blink and change color, and my auto pilot disconnect does nothing to alert me. We'll see what can be done.

(6) Additional USB power points. I would like two additional power points installed. One on the top panel, above my audio panel, next to my bluetooth device, and the other on the top of my glare shield that stays intact, closer to the windscreen. Obviously one to power the bluetooth Taotronics device so I don't have to recharge and the other to power my video cameras for front view and crew cam.

That should wrap up my wish list, we shall see how they all play out during annual. I'll be attending the annual but as far as taking part I think I'm past those days of crawling around.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Garmin 480- Adding a Waypoint

A quick buttonology review for me on my legacy Garmin 480 GPS. I figured while doing the sim practice time I would knock out a short how-to video on the subject, and add it to my YouTube playlist.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Coastal Flight and One Approach

It is a beautiful day here at the beach in Ocean City, MD. Mary had a hair appointment and I wanted to attend the Operations meeting at the clubhouse. The community where we live recently change landscape companies and so far it's not looking to good. I wanted to attend and voice my opinion and find out what's what with the new company. Once the landscape business was addressed I hightailed it for the airport.

Ivan from CAVU was at the end of my hangar row washing a Pilatus PC12. This plane had exhaust stains down the copilot side past the cockpit, I'm sure the same on the pilot side. It needed some TLC and Ivan is the guy to take care of it.

I tugged 3 Tango Charlie out after completing my preflight and fuel check. I was showing 41 gallons on board after our hop home from Newport News. I set up a few cameras and taxied out for runway three-two once the oil temps came up to their happy place. 

After completing the run up I made my call for departing three-two and a voice came back and said hi Gary. I was clueless and responded with a questioning, hello? The voice belonged to Les from the Beech Aero Club, he was inbound in his Sundowner, for a full stop having work to take care of here locally. 

I launched and climbed out on the base leg of three-two, pointing 3 Tango Charlie North up the coastline. The plan was to fly the coast up to Cape Henlopen then turn for the RWY 22 GPS approach into Delaware Coastal.

The beach north of Indian River was spotted with vehicles, surf fishing has begun. The rest of the way north had a few specs (People) enjoying the sand, sun, and surf.

I set up the GPS for KGED and the GPS 22 Approach, flying direct to HUVOX. I had the autopilot set up and right on time 3 Tango Charlie turned out bound for the procedure turn. I didn't want to go out over the bay four miles so I disconnected GPSS and spun the heading bug for the inbound course. I made the mistake of reengaging the GPSS prior to entering the fly next leg command so 3 TC wanted to fly to HUVOX and do the procedure turn again. I quickly disconnected and flew the heading bug inbound while I set up to fly the next leg.  I'm a rusty pilot when it comes to buttonology. 

The rest of the approach went well, hand flying down to the point of a low approach followed by a missed climb out. I made a call advising I was departing the area to the south and with that headed back to Ocean City. The pattern at OC was quiet as I crossed midfield and entered the left down wind for two-zero. I made a nice landing and taxied back for the hangar. 

Monday, March 27, 2023

Vero Beach 2023

It's vacation time and we're headed back to Vero Beach Florida. Mary and I really enjoyed our vacation in Vero last year. The beach was perfect, the restaurants provided quite the choice in cuisine, and it was quiet.

This year we plan on returning to the same beach front hotel, this time with an ocean view. We locked in on a room, rental car, and arranged for hangar space at KVRB, Vero Beach Regional with Sun Aviation

The Weather Watch

Departure day was scheduled for March 13th but the weather wasn't looking good and the weekly forecast was showing lower temps then we would like for beach time. 

Friday morning we rescheduled our hotel reservation, rental car, doggie boarding, and our cat sitter. I also had to contact my brother to cancel our planned Mets game and our Wednesday excursion and lunch with our brides. Whew, way too much phone time but we are good to go.

Take Two

Our travel weather is looking much better for Monday 3/20, despite showers upon arrival into Vero.  

Lucy was dropped off at the vet/boarding facility on Saturday and our cat sitter will be here Tuesday through Friday. Smoke and Binx get to play without being harassed by Lucy, it’s their vacation too. 


My plan is to fly the same first leg route to KLRO - Mt. Pleasant as our previous flight in March 2022. 

It’s a very early start for our travel day. Mary and I were up early and arrived at the airport by 6:30am. Together we had preflighted Sunday, and I sumped fuel to complete the process.  Baggage was weighed on Saturday which allowed me to add seven gallons of fuel to bring 3 Tango Charlie to 55 gallons total. 

I picked up my clearance with Patuxent and launched from runway three-two. It was a perfect day to fly, climbing to six thousand and enjoying the view down the Penninsula. 
We crossed the Chesapeake Bay and noticed the Navy docks were empty, that was a first. I pointed us toward Grand Stand and then hugged the coast, passing over Myrtle Beach and eventually making our first stop at Mt. Pleasant SC. The crew at LRO always provides great service and a quick turn for the upcoming last leg. 

I departed runway three-five following the coast and remaining clear of the class Charlie space of Charleston. I picked up my clearance in the air, as filed, and proceeded south. 

We got a nice look at Saint Simons Island, more investigation to follow for a future four day get-away. 
I was handed off to Jacksonville Center then multiple Jacksonville approach sectors.
Traffic was pretty busy and the last Jack approach either forgot me or I ran past their radio range. I would have been handed off to Daytona, or so I thought, but Daytona quickly handed me off to another Jacksonville sector. The new sector dumped me on Orlando. I felt like the proverbial hot potato. 

Once the ATC issue worked out I continued south for Vero. Approach vectored me for traffic and then handed me off to Palm Beach approach. The remainder of the flight was vectors leading me to the left base for a visual runway four. I made a nice landing at taxied for Sun Aviation. 

We’re on vacation!
The weather had cleared and the sun was shining , although the wind was brutal. 

First things first, fuel the plane. Mary went to secure the rental SUV, I unloaded the baggage and monitored the fueling.  The lineman said he would get 3 Tango Charlie in a hangar so I did not cover or install the window sunscreens. Once the plane was secure and everything paid for we headed out in search of food.

Lunch and Hotel Check-in

Casey’s Place is outdoor dining only for this American fair food selection. I ordered a cheeseburger with bacon, Mary had a Ruben, we spilt some cheese fries.  
While we enjoyed a late lunch/dinner we had to listen to a furry little dog that barked every minute demanding a taste of the couples lunch. Right on que the lady immediately rewarded this bad behavior with a piece of cheeseburger. Ughhh… yes everyone enjoying the outdoor dining had to listen to this little PIA. 

The funny part was when they finished and got up to leave they left a tiny dog bowl under the table. My immediate response was going to be, you left your barky dog bowl. Mary cut me off and gave the lady a heads up about the bowl. My bride is such a good person, me, not so much.
After getting settled in our room we had to make one more run for water and snacks. I’m beat, legs are sore, and we are calling it a day. 


Good morning Vero Beach!

It’s an early start for a vacation day but I’m scheduled to file for a concealed carry in Florida.  Might as well get it completed while we’re here. Does anything go as planned? The answer this morning is heck no. The building lost power so I rescheduled for 10:20, giving us plenty of time for eats.

Our breakfast choice is the lemon tree. We enjoyed our breakfast here last year so why not go with a sure thing. After our tummies were full Mary visited her friends shop, Lily Pad, just two doors down.

It was nice to catch up with Jen and I know it made Mary very happy. The time was now showing ten of ten so we headed back across the Merrial P Barber bridge and back to the tax office to complete the permit process. Yes, I called, the power was back on. I guess it took twenty minutes and I was now $120 lighter in the pocket. The physical card will be mailed and should arrive in four to five weeks. 

While on the west side of the Indian River we hit 21st Street Publix for a box of Smuckers PB&J uncrustables for our beach time consumption. I also noticed a six pack of black Cherry hard seltzer coolers in the bag. 

The beach was perfect today, a slight breeze to keep cool while toasting in the sun. We headed back to the room around 4pm to clean up for dinner. I think tonight will be Italian at Station 49. We loved this place the last time here and we wanted to go back. 
We started off dinner with the Arancini, a plate of three crispy risotto balls with a tomato dipping sauce. They were excellent. 

For dinner Mary had the spaghetti carbonara and I had the pappardelle with Bolognese sauce. Again, both entrees were excellent.

For dessert to go I ordered cannolis and my bride ordered donut holes with a caramel dipping sauce. We’ll kick back on the deck listening to the waves crash and enjoy our after dinner treats. Mary’s selection was way better so in this case take the gun, leave the cannoli's.


Rise and shine! We did sleep in a bit later than normal and missed the sunrise. The sound of the waves crashing from the balcony provided the perfect background sound as we got ready for breakfast. The lemon tree is only a block south so we returned today. Good eats and service, this place never disappoints. 

I wanted to locate the RV park and get some info in case we go that route. We used the motorhome to get a foothold in Ocean City almost nine years ago before buying our home.

We decided to cross the mid island bridge at 17th street and head over to check out the RV park I found. The park was small and there were no lots open. 
Next up was an age qualified community just past the airport. I read that age qualified right off the sign. We really liked the properties, some older places for sale along with new construction mixed in. Best feature was pet friendly. After checking out a few places we made a call to the listing agent to confirm my suspicion this was a lot lease set up, sadly, it was. Mary found an another place close by so we drove a short distance to check it out. This place was not as nice as the first stop and we noticed a no pet policy. 

So much for winter house shopping. Mary did say we have no real ties to OCMD and she would consider moving here full time. I would be on board IF I could find a hangar for 3 Tango Charlie. 
We headed for the hotel to change for the beach. Mary packed all the beach items and I packed lunch munchies and cold drinks. Time to relax. 
The young lady that is taking care of our two cats also works at the vets office where Lucy is boarded. Cassie brought her dog to work and had Lucy out with him playing in the dog walk area. Cassie sent us this picture and I think Lucy is actually smiling. 
Tonight’s dinner selection is the Polo Grill. The restaurant was very nicely decorated as a throw back upper crust steak house with polo memorabilia scattered about. 
Our waiter was an older gentleman and his service was excellent. I had a shrimp cocktail for starters with a rum and coke, Mary had an extra dirty martini with a blue cheese stuffed olives. 
Our waiter brought out a pimento cheese ball with chips made in house. The chips and cheese were good, I could care less about pimentos. 
Mary and I each had the 7oz filet mignon with truffle au gratin potatoes. Steaks were excellent and the potatoes could have been dinner on their own, they were that good. 
For dessert I ordered key lime pie to go and Mary had some balloon chocolate filled with mousse and berries. 

With full tummies we headed back to our room and hung out on the balcony watching the waves break on the beach. Life is good, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Another beautiful sunrise to start our day. The beach is busy with joggers and those folks wanting to see the sunrise. I should mention there are a few people out with their dogs. You can tell the newer to the beach dogs, they tip toe into the surf as it washes up the beach. The experienced pups race against the waters edge as the waves exchange, the waves charging in and the previous wave backpedaling back out to sea. 

Once again we visit Lemon Tree for breakfast before the property search begins. We headed north towards Sebastion to check out another RV park which was an immediate oh hell no. 

Mary wanted to make a stop at a chain store so we took the scenic route to the destination. I found my way back across the Indian river and to our vacation home base without the help of GPS. 

I think naps are in order before we head to the beach. Actually Mary is taking a nap and I’m watching the Phillies play Detroit. 

I ended up passing out and we both woke up around 3pm. It looks like a pass on the beach today, instead we’ll hang out until five then head over to Bobby’s for dinner. 
Bobby’s is located just two buildings north of our hotel so we enjoyed a nice walk to dinner. Once inside I noticed a picture commemorating Superbowl XXI in New Orleans, Packers vs Patriots. Go Pack Go!
I had a good feeling right from the start. We were quickly seated and the service was very good. Mary placed her order and I asked if they had chicken piccata since they had veal piccata. Our waitress said that would be no problem so Mary changed her order and we sat and enjoyed our drinks. 

The chicken piccata was excellent and the angel hair pasta was a perfect addition to the dish. We will return here next year for dinner. Thanks Charles G for the recommendation. Time to call it a night and relax on the balcony with a cold drink enjoying the waves and cool breeze.


Our last full day of vacation. We made the short walk to the south side of the hotel and entered the attached restaurant, Mulligans. Breakfast was tasty and the service very good.
The plan is to head to the beach for a few hours then come back and clean up before heading to a late lunch early dinner with my brother.

The beach was crowded and the chairs/umbrella guy was really busy. We thought we wanted a set up then decided to go back to our room and enjoy the sun from our balcony. Mary got toasty, I covered my legs so my lasting airplane accident incision area did not burn. Thankfully I turned on the room air conditioning for the first time this week, we needed it. 
We are heading south to meet halfway for dinner at Crabby’s Dockside in North Fort Pierce. Mary and I quickly found a parking spot just a short walk to the restaurant. We asked for seating for four as my brother and his wife walked in, perfect timing. We were quickly seated and placed our drink order. Mary had a mojito I had sweet tea, I’m driving. 

I finally had the chance to enjoy conch fritters, it’s been a year. I shared the appetizer around the table. For dinner Mary had panko sea scallops baked with a panko parmesan crust and topped with beurre blanc sauce. I selected the New England hot and cold dish. A large bowl of clam chowder with a lobster roll sandwich. Both dinners were very good. 

We sat and chatted for a while and then made room for the incoming crowd. It was really good to see my brother tonight. After we said our goodbyes and headed out Mary said why didn’t we get pictures. Crap! It didn’t cross my mind. 

The return to the hotel was thirty minutes, retracing our path now north up A1A to Vero. Mary and I settled in and packed up for home. Tentative departure is for 10am, trying to get into ocean city after three. The weather looks good except for getting into Ocean City.  

Saturday, Departure Day?
…Or maybe not. Weather update after dinner shows Ocean City socked in until after 8pm. While I am current I don’t like the idea of not being able to use the best wind runway, instead landing with a tail wind component down to 260’ minimums to get in. 

Mary and I went through plan B and C scenarios.  

Plan B - Fly tomorrow as far north as possible, that would be Norfolk KPHF. We would need transportation and a hotel room for one night.

Plan C - extend our room one more night, can’t do, it’s booked. Book another room here, no ocean view. We need to keep the car rental one more day and advise the FBO we need to hangar one more night.
Plan C it was!  Hotel room locked in, rental and hangar done deal. We will bug out Sunday morning and still enjoy great tailwinds heading home. For now another day in paradise. Off to bed, we’re beat. 


I’m up around 5:30 and yes, I’m checking weather. Mt. Pleasant looks doable with the possibility of shooting an approach to get in. Newport news looks good for our stop and weather assessment for home. 

Plan B is back on the table so I make call to secure a rental from Rick Aviation at Newport News. I also canceled the additional room for a night here in Vero.
Newport News was looking good as long as it was an afternoon arrival, which it would be. Salisbury was looking like it may go MVFR and even VFR later in the afternoon. For now we launch for Mt. Pleasant, KLRO and our fuel stop.
The plan was shooting the GPS 17, getting vectors from Approach. This was working until controllers switched then I was given Direct GINNE. Ughhh...I never use VTF because it always comes back to bite you, but I did, and it got me. I reloaded the approach and was on my way to GINNE as instructed. Once I broke out on the approach I had a traffic call out. I was hand flying and busted my altitude climbing above the 2000' just about to turn to the final approach fix FESJY. ATC called me out and I quickly descended. 

I made a good landing and taxied to the ramp for fuel. I kept the fuel load a bit lighter since it was warm, and we were only going two hours to Newport News.  I did have enough fuel on board to make it home to Ocean City if the weather cleared. We got back in the air ASAP and ended up flying in the clag for over and hour and a half north to Newport News. 

My plan was to assess the weather as we approached Newport News, KPHF and then decide. My go airport at Salisbury KSBY was drifting back and forth most of the morning between LIFR and MVFR. As I approached my decision point SBY went VFR. I also kept a close watch on our back up airport, Delaware Coastal which fell from MVFR to LIFR as we approached the decision point. All the other airports were LIFR so without a viable back up we decided to continue on to Newport News and spend the night. 
The ride north saw winds from the west 60-68 knots. At times I had a twenty five degree cut to fly my course. Every now and then we got a good tailwind push seeing ground speeds of 165 plus knots. 

I was cleared into PHF for the visual runway two-five, to join the downwind, report midfield. I was then asked to enter on a left base for additional traffic. The rudder dance on final was something to be appreciated. Some how I rolled it on and complied with the LAHS request from the tower. Both two-zero and two- five were active. Mary said that was one wild landing.

I took on twenty six gallons and arranged for an overnight hangar stay for 3 Tango Charlie. Our rental was waiting, yikes, a car. Never easy in or out of a car for us. 

The Hampton was only a mile or two away and we stopped for Five Guy burgers and fries for dinner on the way. 

Sunday - The last Leg Home

The weather was as forecast, it's going to be a good ride home. Once the plane was loaded with our baggage I did my preflight and checked the fuel. I picked up my clearance; Henry Three departure, Radar vectors to Cape Charles, join V1, then as filed. 

Mary took a nap as we crossed the bay and made our way north - north east. Winds favored runway three-two and I joined the downwind to continue my way in. 3 Tango Charlie was tucked in her hangar, baggage unloaded with clean up to be done tomorrow. We had to pick up Lucy between 9-10am or have to wait until 4pm. We were right on time and our little demon spawn was happy to see us. 

Another fun trip to Vero beach, we really love this place. Beach and food, that was our plan. It all worked out and we'll be headed back next year.