Thursday, May 17, 2018

Introducing 45Yankee

The deal is done, N9745Yankee has a new home here in Ocean City Maryland. I'll bring 45Yankee home once my training is complete. I am learning about high performance complex airplanes and how to fly them out of Wilmington, KILG. Insurance requires five dual and five solo prior to carrying passengers.
This plane is loaded with avionics and that's what attracted me to her, well, that and the beautiful color scheme and paint condition. 45Yankee just came out of annual and I was able to crawl around with the owner and get a first hand look. Cecil Aero has maintained this plane for many years and that was a big plus for me. I've trusted Rogers work since I started flying, back in the Archer club days.
The interior is in excellent condition and the seating sits much higher than our Sundowner. Mary and I were both worried about getting in and out of one door but the Debonair has a wide door and it seems pretty easy. In order to get in, I back in, and to get out I put my knee on the seat and step out.

By the numbers:
TTAF 3500 
TTSFREM 1700 Continential IO-470-K 225hp
Prop 711
Fuel 80 gallons - 74 useable
Paint 8/10
Interior 8/10
Wing Loading 16.9 lbs/sq.ft.
Service Ceiling 18,400 ft
Max Ramp Weight 3000
Useful load  1117lbs
SkyTec Starter
Safe Heet, oil sump preheater

Garmin 530W
Garmin 430W
Garmin GTX 345 Transponder 1090 MHz ADSS-B
PMA 8000BT Audio Panel
S-Tec 50 Auto Pilot
Garmin Connext Flight Stream 210
WX500 II StormScope (viewed on 430W/530W)
ACK 406/121.5 mhz ELT

The want list...

  • Shoulder belts or harness
  • Rosen sun visors 3 axis
  • Skyox four place regulator and two new pendant cannulas with oxymisers
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • LED Landing and nav lights
  • PTT for co-pilot yoke
  • Engine Analyzer
  • Sheepskin front seat covers
  • Cowl plugs - Pitot cover


Jim and Sandie said...

She is a beauty. Or are planes female like ships?

Gary said...


45Yankee is in excellent shape. More pictures will follow as soon as I spend more time on board.

It seems they , ships and planes, are always referred to as she.

Anonymous said...


Steve said...

Very nice - congrats on the new bird!

I've got to say, I already love being able to dial back the RPMs in cruise to make everything quieter and smoother.

Chris said...

Very cool, Gary!

Gary said...

Thanks everyone! 45Yankee is home in Ocean City.

Chris said...

Awesome! Bringing the baby home is always a big day!

Greg Johnson said...

Wow, she's a beauty Gary. I see why you like it so much.
Please stay connected at BAC. Your writings/comments are fun to read and valuable to us.

Gary said...


I'm sticking with BAC. We have made so many friends, BAC is like a second family to us. I plan on staying on as the Mid-Atlantic Director and now I can hit the south end of the region a bit quicker. ;)