Tuesday, May 15, 2018

08Romeo Heads West, to Her New Home

This morning I said goodbye to 08Romeo.  Honestly, it was not easy. I arrived about forty-five minutes ahead of the new owner and his CFII so I could sit left seat and just soak it in.  Many great memories over the years starting from the day we brought her home from T31, Aero Country Airport in McKinney Texas, through our most recent adventure to Waco Texas. We have covered 34 states and 120 airports in our travels.
I worked through the weight and balance with the new owner and CFII on my iPhone app, so much faster then paper and pencil. With fifty gallons on board and just shy of 110 pounds of baggage, together with 08Romeo books and extras they came in ten pounds under gross.
Once they saddled up I decided to take a video and capture 08Romeos departure.  It was really strange watching her roll on takeoff and I wasn't in the left seat or even the plane. Nevertheless she lifted off and climbed to make one circle over the field, thanks guys. Soon 08Romeo was out of sight and I could no longer hear her climbing away.
It was time to close the hangar door and head home. I'll miss 08Romeo, she taught me about ownership, IFR flight and provided many safe miles of exciting adventure for Mary and I.

Safe flights and tailwinds my friend.
08Romeo in her new home - KCMA, Camirillo, CA


PeggyB said...

Thank you for everything Gary! A pleasure even though I haven't yet met you. 08Romeo is off to a new happy home. Peggy (and Tim)

Chris said...

Truly the end of an era, Gary. I understand your mixed emotions on parting with something that has, effectively, become part of the family. Even if bigger and better is just around the corner, it is hard not to reflect on such a big change.

I hate to say it, though, but while "08R Heads West" might be literally true, it sounds awfully final as a title...

Gary said...


Thanks to you and Tim! I'm sure the men will have fun on the exciting coast to coast flight. I'm sure 08Romeo will feel at home near the ocean and I know you both will take very good care of her.

Gary said...


Yes, it was hard to watch her fly off without me. I'm excited for the new challenge and all that it will bring. Mary and I will make new memories with the new to us plane, but, we'll never forget all the fun we had learning about ownership and traveling by our magic carpet.

Jim and Sandie said...

Saying goodbye is hard even with fantastic adventures to look forward to both for 08Romeo and you and Mary. I like the idea of a magic carpet.

Diggerdavid said...

Oh my gosh, you're going to make me cry! Well, that's over, when is the hanger party for the new bird?

Adam said...

Ok Gary I have a few things to say:
1) You will feel better when you deposit the check
2) You will feel a LOT better when you write another check and get the keys to the Deb.
3) Its not like your trading Mary in or anything! Your upgrading (The plane not Mary, kind of hard to upgrade from her, you on the other hand.... well enjoy the Deb my friend!) You deserve the speed!

Gary said...

Thanks, Adam. I'll feel better when I am buckled in and start my flight training. For now, I'm Planeless....it sucks.

Jim and Sandie said...

Did this terrible storm affect you guys?

Gary said...


No, the new owner and his instructor left Tuesday morning. Last I heard from them they were in Tennessee. I hope to get a call or text once they are home later this evening or tomorrow morning.

I think they dodged most of the really bad weather as they headed west. I'm sure I'll get the story once they get home.