Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Vince and 08Romeo

Vince agreed to come down to Ocean City and do some touch up and give 08Romeo a spa day with a wax. I have to say the plane looks fabulous.
It was fun catching up with Vince and his girlfriend Drew. Good times reminiscing about how we met, our flights, and our many destinations visited. Vince pretty much cut his teeth on flying in 08Romeo. Thankfully, Vince is still taking lessons and hopes to join the ranks of the pilot community very soon.
We both forgot about Dover race day traffic so the trip from Wilmington was 3.5 hours. After we finished the plane we had dinner at the Green Turtle then returned to the house to switch vehicles and grab something cold to drink for their ride north. Traffic must have eased by their departure of 10pm and I received the "I'm home" text around midnight.
It was a long day but a fun time. Always great to catch up and talk planes and flying with Vince.  If the weather is good I am going to fly up to Wilmington on Friday so he and I can take a last flight together in 08Romeo.  He deserves some stick time and I'll get to enjoy the views and his radio work. 
Thanks Vince and Drew for making the trip to OCMD!

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