Tuesday, May 01, 2018

08Romeo - Oil Change

It's been a busy weekend and it rolled right into our week days.  Today's flight is heading back north, this time to 58M, Claremont Airport. 08Romeo is scheduled for an oil change and with the potential sale I wanted to have that taken care of.

Usually I help with the change but today I only assisted with removing the cowl, Josh did all the work. While the oil was draining I hopped a ride with Roger and went to take a few more pictures of the Debonair, secure in Roger's hangar.  It was dark inside and the sun was so bright outside, drove me and the camera crazy. 
Josh called me over for the run-up/leak test and to look at the filter when he cut it open.  Filter looked great, not even a spec of carbon. The run up went fine and there were no leaks. All that was left was the paperwork.
I hope to be closing on the Deb this week or next and maybe get some seat time with an instructor so I can meet the minimums for insurance. Dave, the owner, has offered some flight time to learn what 45Yankee likes and to get used to the added work and speeds. Maybe this weekend we'll get out and fly.

The remainder of the week is gathering odd and ends that go with 08Romeo, making sure I have all her books squared away and finally clean her up. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

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