Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Items

I spent most of yesterday morning doing touch ups and opening boxes of the items I ordered for 45Yankee. It was like Christmas, new cowl plugs, pitot cover, spare oil and LED NAV lights.  I'm waiting for a few more items.
I am going to try and repurpose 08Romeo's original cover from Kenyon.  The previous owner tore holes for the antenna that will have to be restitched and some sort of doubler added around the opening.  The old thermometer was on the pilot side and 45Yankee has it located in the center support of the windscreen.  I'll mess with it for a little while and if it works I'll move forward, if not, I'll by a new cover.
I did experiment with the orbital buffer and some swirl free cleaner wax made by Meguiars. The few areas I tried came out gorgeous, so 45Yankee is going to get a spa day, I'll have to call CAVU.

That's it for now.  I'm getting ready to order the Alpha shoulder harness belts and get their install scheduled. I hope to knock out the last few hours needed for insurance. I need a total of five solo and I have .8 completed. If the weather clears I will try and finish up this week.


Jim and Sandie said...

Definitely just like Christmas.

Anonymous said...

actively tracking your progress!

Gary said...

Who doesn’t love opening boxes? Waiting on some better weather so I can get some flight time. I hope to be back in the air with new videos.