Monday, April 30, 2018

08Romeo Avionics Update

Today's mission is taking me back north, this time to Wilmington, Delaware (KILG).  I had scheduled the software update for my GDL88, version 3.32 to 3.40 at Red Eagle Avionics. I also picked up the schematic diagram from the PMA7000BT audio panel install that I had left at the shop.

GDL 84/88 System Software Version 3.40 contains the following changes:
  • Fixed GDL 84/88 Application Software v3.34 antenna selection issue that can cause GDL 88D (diversity) units to select the incorrect antenna.
  • Fixed FIS-B processing issues that could result is loss or partial loss of FIS-B data.
  • Updated built-in test monitors to reduce nuisance failures and improved fault logging capabilities.
  • Updated traffic processing library to improve TCAS integration, improve TIS-B track handling, improve traffic source correlation, improve traffic prioritization/selection, and reduce nuisance traffic alerts.
  • Added proprietary traffic, position, air data, and control interfaces for third party OEM customer.
  • Updated ARINC 743A output to include label 141 (UTC Fine).
I faced brutal headwinds on the north bound leg, but the overall ride was pretty smooth. Dover approach asked if I had on board radar, I responded ADS-B weather only and that I was watching the storm cell he was warning me about. What was odd is that he called out the cell to my ten or eleven o'clock. I watched the cell move across Philly and into south Jersey.
FIS-B Weather
XM Weather
moving through south jersey
I flew through some light rain and it was very brief. I reported a three mile left base, as directed, and completed leg one with a nice landing on runway two-seven.

I was happy to catch up with Vince G, my flying partner from the ILG and N47 days. I don't get to see Vince enough and I sure do miss flying with him. He pretty much cut his teeth on flying in the Sundowner so he has an attachment to her too.  Vince is going to meet me in Ocean City and do some touch up on the Matterhorn White along the door edges and cowling, so 08Romeo looks her best for the potential buyers.

Dale and Joanne knocked out the update for the GDL88 and just as fast a 08Romeo was tugged in the shop, Dale was pushing her back out. I saddled up for home, giving some thought to making a stop at 58M and maybe knock out an oil change instead of heading back north tomorrow morning.
I was cleared VFR to 58M, departing runway two-seven. It was a wild ride from wheels up. Honestly, watch the video. About half way to 58M I decided I was heading home and wanting to get back on the ground. I pulled the throttle back to 2300 rpm with an indicated speed of 105-110 and a ground speed of 140-150 kts.

I did check in with Dover for flight following on the way home, as I did on the way north. I ended the day with another good landing and taxied for the hangar, I was beat.

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