Sunday, April 22, 2018

Exploring the Debonair

For the third day in a row I'm flying. While most pilots would be envious,  I'm actually tired. Friday was a round trip back to Republic (KFRG) then home. Saturday was a round trip to Wilmington for a viewing and memorial service for Mary's cousin. This morning Mary and I flew to Pottstown (KPTW) to meet with Mike M, a North East Regional Bonanza Society Ambassador. 
Mike let us take a look at his beautiful 65 Debonair. I climbed aboard and shuffled over to the left seat with relative ease and Mary followed.  The Deb is roomy, has an excellent view and the seating seems elevated. It reminds me of sitting on a typical chair with your knee bending at a ninety degree angle, the seat height is perfect. Mary was happy to easily see over the glare shield.  The Debs door is very wide and provides easy access and egress. The door closes gently and securely.

Mike and I discussed retracts, flaps, respective motors and services. Magnesium elevators, back up alternators, continental cylinders, avionics and fuel bladders. What an education!  
About the landing gear; it's 52 turns to manually lower the gear. I guess it will take some workout time to make that happen. ;)

We also discussed flight training and courses offered by the Bonanza Society. The discussion moved on to annuals and Beech knowledgeable A&P's with specific Beech training. 
It was a very positive experience and if everything falls into place on the remaining items to do list, we will be making an offer on the Debonair in Mississippi.

I asked Mike if he was available to ferry the plane home if we made the purchase. He said he could and to call him once we know what direction we are headed.

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