Saturday, July 26, 2008

IR Lesson 24 "Report Inbound"

I made my way to the airport early so I could hook up a few of my toys, new and old. I purchased a yoke mounted clip that has a tab for my timer and decided to hook up the Lowrance GPS. I called AeroWays for fuel and Scott came over to top off both tanks. My lesson is from 11:30 to 2:30 so a full load was my choice. I also thought about density altitude this afternoon departing Brandywine but figured after three hours of low and slow shooting approaches I would burn off 20 gallons. I was off of Wilmington from runway two seven at mike and restricted to one thousand feet for traffic along I-95 at one thousand five hundred feet (CAP flight for traffic watch). Once the traffic was no factor I was cleared at my discretion with a right turn out (to the north) approved. I acknowledged and was heading to Brandywine, KOQN. I called out a 4 mile 45* entry to left down wind two seven and the schools Cherokee called out 3.5 mile 45*. I quickly called looking for traffic and my current position on the 45* between the water towers at 1,600 feet. The student quickly knew the landmark and acknowledged traffic in sight. I respond that I will follow number two to land. It all works so nice when people talk on the radio.

I picked up Brian and we were soon climbing out of Brandywine on two seven minding the noise abatement. We role played ATC and I made my way for another go at the VOR 24 at New Garden N57. I caught my error from last week and now know why I was so far right of the approach. Once crossing the FAF Modena VOR, the course changes to 230* from 236*. I crossed modena on a 180* heading and made a left turn to a heading of 085* for my teardrop procedure turn. The five T's ; Turn Twist Time Throttle and Talk. I had already started my turn, twisted the heading bug and started the timer for a one minute outbound run. At the minute mark I turned left to intercept the 236* inbound heading. Once wings level I started the timer and tracked my way in. I passed the station at one minute and forty five seconds, I'll need to shorten my out bound leg. Here we go again, as I turn, twist and time in the hold. Only about 25 seconds out this trip which resulted in the close to one minute time inbound.

I was cleared to leave the hold and land the aircraft. Ok, turn to 230* on heading bug and CDI along with starting the timer. The decision height is 940' and the missed approach point is 4:28 from the Final Approach Fix (FAF) Modena. I am at 1000' holding level as the timer runs out. Brian says to look up and there she is just off center but I would be able to land. No time to feel good it's missed approach and back to the Modena VOR. I feel like I am chasing the needle a bit trying to hold course, it is bumpy today and the wind is gusting......I know IMC is never smooth, keep flying.

Next up is a short hop to Wilmington, KILG. I make my call 8 miles out, "Wilmington Tower, Archer 28679er 8 to the north west, inbound for practice ILS 1 with information Bravo" The tower advises to report Haydin inbound. I acknowledge. I dial up the HAYDIN NDB on the ADF 248 and listen for the ID to know it's working. I track to HAYDIN with VOR 2 set up for a cross check with the Woodstown VOR on the 267* radial. The CDI swings at the same time the ADF arrow spins around to display passage of the station. I begin my turn outbound for 1 minute on a 225* heading for my teardrop entry for the procedure turn. I flip the Nav 2 back to the Localizer frequency of 110.3 and dial in the new heading I will intercept of 015*. One minute passes and I make my left turn to 015*. The standard rate turn and the heading falls into line as if we've danced together many times, it feels good. No time for happy here as I must start the timer once crossing the FAF HAYDIN. I'm chasing a little bit but overall on course and hold glide path. I go missed but not the the published missed, instead the tower clears me for a left turn to the south and to once again report HAYDIN inbound.

This approach is smoother and I end it by going missed to clear departing traffic in order to help ATC. I thank them for the practice and head north to Brandywine. I track to the Modena VOR the set up the GPS for the GPS 27 approach into Brandywine. 13 miles out from DASDE the Initial Approach Fix (IAF). I have some time to review and get my fuel tank switched as I enjoy the bumps and altitude changes from the rising temps. About 2 miles out I set up for 90 knots and 10* flaps, setting power to 2200 rpm. DASDE to GONVA to CELPA and CELPA to RUDME. I remove my foggles and there she is right where it should be. I am cleared to land this time by my CFI so I slow down and work my way in.

Landing after wearing the foggles is the hardest part for me, the transition from the foggles back to my glasses makes everything seem so much faster that it's almost a sensory overload. My feelings are on high alert and I am very cautious. I am slow over the fence and ready to pull the remaining power when the valley before the runway just sucks the wind out of my approach. YIKES! I feel like I am dropping in. I add power and set down but get caught releasing and then holding the yoke back and 679er feels like she is back in the air. I add full power and go around. My CFI says great call, the perfect solution when it doesn't feel right. Another loop around the patch and I set 679er down and taxi off.

We settle the bill for my instruction time and confirm my 3 hour lesson for tomorrow. For now it's time to climb back in 679er and head south for home. I'm dead beat tired and thirsty. After finally getting 679er secure I make a stop at taco bell for some munchies and two tall drinks, fruit punch for me and a Pepsi for Mary. I'm getting closer to my cross country and I'm getting anxious. I'll be glad to get it completed and the check ride too.


AdamB said...

Nice job Gary,

sounds like you're making great progress.

I found it hard to remember to report inbound (or where ever I was told to report) during my training. So much was going on and I was concentrating so hard.
I'd just forget.

"N1234 I show you on the final approach course now can you confirm?"


Rob said...

You're flying along aren't you! LOL,... good writeup. I'm lost on reading it sometimes, but I can follow the approach plate a little with your story.

And yes,.. I have your number in my cell phone,.. Thanks!


Gary said...

I'm making progress! I finished up my Flight review today mixed in with shooting approaches and an engine out or two. I was dead beat tired. I'm good for two more years!!

AdamB said...

and when you pass your checkride the 2 year clock will reset again.