Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flight Review & IR Lesson 25

Today's lesson was a completion of my flight review and then some precision approaches. The ground school portion was taken care of by my wings credits since I attended the "5 Mistakes a Pilot Makes" when it was presented in Valley Forge, PA a few months back. I also have plenty of online courses completed and provided Brian with the online list and certificates. Today's remaining flight work consisted of slow flight, steep turns, power on and off stalls and of course an engine out, oh, did I mention all under the hood. Everything went pretty smooth and I landed with the simulated engine out with no problems.

Once we completed all the fun stuff it was time to run through a precision approach or two. I followed vectors for the ILS 29 at Chester County, KMQS and did a pretty good job. I was tracking the localizer solid today with just gentle correction with rudder. I was a little slow to pick up the glide slope having brain farted and not wanting to descend until crossing the final approach fix. Doh! That brain freeze was a first and I got it squared away on the second time around. No real holds today instead vectors to bring me right back to the ILS. I did have a moment today while turning to follow vectors Brian tossed at me when I experienced the "leans". I bent down to pick up my pen and once sitting upright I had the sensation of turning to my right and descending, it was strange. I was under the hood so I was on instruments but for a split second I almost questioned what I was looking at. I knew that was the wrong feeling and trusted what I was looking at. I didn't feel that again for the rest of the flight but I stored that moment of disbelief in my mind for future reference.

I was signed off on my Flight review and added a few more approaches to the tally. I MUST get some sample tests to Brian this Saturday so he can sign me off to take the written. Anyone who reads my blog must be as tired as I am of me putting off taking the written test. I'll be ready by Saturday! I am on the flight schedule Saturday from 1-4 and then we shall see what's in store. It's all coming together each lesson and my confidence is starting to build. I'm getting excited about the cross country and check ride prep, I must be a sick man.

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Rob said...

Congrat's on the flight review. Now, get back to studying! Good Luck on the written,.. sounds like you are getting the flying parts down well.