Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Hangar Flying

I had a lesson today, a ground lesson, that lasted about an hour. Brian and I covered any questions I had on procedures, talked about my progress and worked through getting me up to speed for my written. He provided a nice study guide for the oral portion of the check ride that covers a broad area of the IR, some really good stuff. We also spent some time talking about flight planning and how I had planned my VFR flights. I admitted that I haven't touched the E6B 'whiz wheel' since my private pilot training days or the electronic version since my PPL written. This skill, I was assured, will need to be polished.

Brian laughed and alluded to the fact if I could still use either of them. Ouch! that hurt. Yes, of course I can use them both and I can still flight plan by hand [rolls eyes] I'm not that clueless. Needless to say I will be working up a few flight plans this weekend to sharpen the skills. I do still carry the whiz wheel in my flight bag for easy access if needed, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that and it comes in handy when needing to divert if required.

Mary and I fly with the rule of 2.5 to 3 hours max seat time for any one leg and we really try to keep it to 2.5. My hip and knee start to let me know that it's time to stretch and besides, despite what any pilot tells you, one's bladder is really in control.

From Brandywine, KOQN I headed north to Wings field, KLOM. A few pilots got together for the Friday evening Hangar flying session. In attendance were Adam, Andrew, Bob, Lee, myself, Rob and Ted and Gary flew in from Williamsport, KIPT to join us. Bob surprised Adam with a birthday cake, an 'ice cream' cake! It's always great to catch up with this bunch, good info, great stories and some down right funny stuff. Adam's lovely Bride called and they decided on dinner at the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club (PACC)located at the airport. I had to head south to meet my Bride along with my brother and his wife for dinner. I'm looking forward to our next Friday night hangar fly, thanks guys!

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