Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Lynx NGT 9000 ADSB Transponder

Chet K and I swapped text messages and agreed to meet in Ocean City at his hangar at 10am.  Chet is heading to the Bahamas mid May and he wants to get his IFly GPS paired with his new Lynx NGT9000 ADSB Transponder. He was having some problems despite following the instructions.
We followed the instructions once again, but no luck matching what the instructions are telling us we should see. It was time to stray into the 'lets experiment' mode. For this round instead of selecting the Lynx we selected a generic search. All of a sudden we had a IP # and everything seemed to fall into place. There was only one way to truly test the system...FLY IT!
Mary and I cancelled the beach day since she was doing wash so I made sure she wanted to pass on sun and sand. With another confirmation she told me go fly...she knows me so well.
Chet and I saddled up for Cambridge, Maryland - KCGE.  We figured on a testing flight and lunch stop, a perfect combo. Upon departure from Ocean City the IFly came to life with weather info and traffic, plenty of traffic. There has to be a way to hide the distant traffic.
 Chet did all the flying, I did all the button pushing. We had audio alerts for traffic and the units were working together as one, seamlessly. There was one plane that departed CGE and we had the field to ourselves as Chet maneuvered us to land. We were the only aircraft on the ramp.

Kay's was busy but we walked in and were quickly seated. Chet had a burger and I had a BLT, both very good. We chatted about planes and ADSB while ate lunch. With full bellies we boarded 888 Bravo Whiskey and pointed for home.
Here are a few screen shots from the Lynx web page.  Overall I really like the transponder. The traffic screen and multiple map and weather pages, along with the METAR info is a real plus. The system also pairs very nicely with the IFly GPS.

  • Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder with intuitive touch screen interface
  • Dual Mode 1090ES ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In
  • Designed for 14V and 28V installations
  • Patented Lynx Tail provides Flight ID, aircraft type and ground speed data of other ADS-B traffic
  • Internal rule compliant position source (WAAS-GPS)
  • Moving map including TFRs, airport databases and NOTAMs
  • Subscription-free ADS-B graphical and textual weather including NEXRAD, METARs, Winds &  Temps Aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs
  • Customizable layouts and information per pilot preference
  • Faceplate data port for maintenance personnel access to setup menus, software updates and option enablements via laptop
  • Options available for internal L-3 NextGen Active Traffic, Antenna Diversity, PED (iPad) WiFi connectivity and Remote Mount models


    Chopperbob said...

    Thanks Gary! Our new to us Bonanza has this Lynx system. It paired quickly with ForeFlight on my I-pad.

    Gary said...

    That’s great!! Looking forward to some Bo pics.