Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Book Review: You Gotta Go To Know

I'm out of my genre for sure on this one but there is a back story, there's always a back story. I first met Chris when we were teens, ok he was in his teens I just busted into my twenties. He was a Philly kid, Italian, funny, stood up for himself and what he believed in. He and I immediately hit it off while working on a horse farm. Many good memories and laughs back then.  I eventually moved on and obviously so did Chris.
Fast forward to 2016 and I find his name on Facebook while researching a friend request from another person we had worked with back in the day. I didn't accept that friend request but immediately sent a request to Chris.  He responded and since then we have traded posts and messages. I now follow his blog about sailing, cruising to be more exact, and all it entails.
The book is a quick read and one can almost put yourself in his shoes. Tired of the job and wanting to chase more, there has to be more, there is always more. My outlet is flying, again hello captain obvious, but I still have that adventure in me, I think we all do. Chris and his bride, Melody, decided to take a leap of faith, they went all in, and changed their lives forever. In his book Chris chronicles the process, the good the bad and the ugly. It was a great read and I'm happy that they are both happy, and enjoying what life has to offer.
Chris has a new book out What's Up Ditch, detailing the ins and outs of cruising the Atlantic intracoastal waterway. Its on my list to read.  If you're into sailing and exploring new locations please check out their web page Vacilando.  I added the link to my favorites.


christoph said...

First, thank you for the wonderful words. Those days on the farm were so important to my story. You were like a big brother to me. We were cut from the same cloth. We had some laughs at? One of these days, when I'm back in the states, I'll hunt you down and we'll sit and catch up.

Congrats on all the good in your life. The rescues missions you do for our K-9 pals are selfless and impressive. Thanks for taking the time. Much love brother.

Gary said...


You're welcome. Hope to catch up with you both next time your in the Chesapeake Bay, Rock Hall area. Plenty of airports Mary and I can fly to and then drive to meet.

Continue enjoying life. I look forward to reading your blog and living vicariously through your blue water adventures.