Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quick Hop, Middletown DE (EVY)

With the gusting winds yesterday we decided to wait it out and moved our flight to this morning.  The plan was to be in the air by 9am, somebody didn't get up until then and it wasn't me. Not saying names or anything but...

We got to the plane and went through our routine.  Mary hasn't flown with me since December 2016, but, she flowed right through the preflight. I completed the airplane checks and tugged 08Romeo out of the hangar. Once I disconnected the tug Mary drove it back into the hangar and hooked up the battery charger.  We both think it moves a bit to fast since it's only one speed, but it makes moving the plane easier on my body parts.

I got the fan turning and taxied out to runway one-four. I did do a video for this flight to Summit (KEVY) but it doesn't due justice to the gorgeous day with unlimited visibility. I picked up flight following with Dover approach since it seemed busy in the area. We were going to be flying almost directly overhead and it's always nice to play well with others in the busy airspace.
We were treated to a C5 in the pattern for Dover, which took the big fella out over the Delaware Bay. The C5 turned inbound towards us and passed behind and below.  We managed a few shots but mostly just enjoyed the view. The one picture I am posting is busy with flight. You will see the C5. my wing, a large bird and the C5's shadow, Its a shame it didn't turn out better.
Dover had me squawk VFR and cut me loose.  I thanked then for their service and switched over to Summit's CTAF. I made my typical calls and set up for a landing on runway three-five. I should mention it was pretty bumpy today but still a fun flight. I made a last call on short final, keeping a close eye on the Cessna holding short. Maybe its just me but I like to let the short final traffic know I have them in sight and am holding short, just eases some tension.
 I made an ok landing, left of center, but, I was down and heading to the terminal.  I usually don't leave so much after landing footage but I did this time to show the jet Chris N from the Beech Aero Club was flying right seat in. Unfortunately we didn't cross paths. I saw his Facebook post of the jet (2008 EA500 Eclipse)and told Mary he was standing where we were parked. Small world.
We took on ten gallons of fuel and then used the courtesy van to make the run to the Veterans Cemetery. The trip is less than ten minutes from the airport. Mary picked up flowers at the local market and cleaned off the grave plaque. Everything looked nice and clean and we both know Mary's Dad, Dan, would want it kept so.  We sure do miss our folks, next week we are headed to KAVP Wilkes-Barre to do the same for my parents.
We topped off the courtesy van then headed back to the airport. I sumped the fuel then did a walk around to check the plane. Everything was in order so we saddled up and taxied out for home. Departing runway three-five making a nice smooth climb out and down wind turn to depart the area. The ride was much smoother going home and I once again picked up following with Dover Approach.
I made my calls for Ocean City, dealing with very light traffic and enjoying the view.  I was a bit low on final but put some power to 08Romeo and had the correct lights white/red.  Somehow I managed to land on the center line and greased one in, double bonus. 
Mary and I made a stop on the way home for lunch at the Full Moon Saloon. My bride ordered a bacon bleu burger with fries and I had two huge fish tacos. Haddock was the catch of the day and I had it blackened, yummy.   Mary also had a salted caramel martini and she loved it.  Excellent eats and service!

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