Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final flair tune up.....

Another day of landings.....but it sure went smooth! I remembered my birth certificate today for the folks in the office, so that is taken care of. It's really me and I am a US citizen.

After turning 46C so the sun would melt some frost we were ready to get underway. A nice taxi out followed by the final checks during run up. I hear one aircraft entering a 45* for downwind runway 27 so I announce "46C departing runway 27 to remain in pattern...Brandywine" and roll on out to take off. Power full gentle right rudder and we're off. It's a really different look with snow covering the ground. My normal horizon visual marks are ok but my normal ground references are blending in :) Landing procedures are seeming to be as natural as breathing....I NEVER thought I would say that! Turing final I have a slight headwind (what a change) lined up very nice, maintaining 70 kts, pitch good, rate of decent good, adding last notch of flaps power off, over the numbers.......flair......sinking...a bit more back pressure....sinking....not letting the ground have me yet...more back pressure and then a gentle chirp that was almost impossible to hear. SWEET !!!!!!! flaps up, full power, 46C rolling and off we go for more rounds. Today was fun, the landing felt great, no pressure, feet were not heavy and the hands seem to be getting better each time out. I did however have a brain fart announcing position on a cross wind to downwind calling out "turning left base".....DUH!! CFI asked "where are we?" um....well I'm thinking a bit TO FAR ahead. I came back on the radio with the 46C turning left "DOWNWIND" 27 Brandywine and of course with a tone that clearly stated I was a nit wit!

All in all a fun day! I am up again Wednesday morning and I will need to just review emergency procedures and then I hope to be cleared for my solo. I am also reviewing info on Reading KRDG for work on the tower control airports and dealing with approach communications. I have a final in my Legal communications class tomorrow then no more night class until I get my PPL. Between running multiple contracts at work and studying for school I am having a hard time finding time to review for my PPL. HEY, I have my priorities.

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RF said...

Very cool Gary! I'm hoping to be where you are in a couple of months! Keep us updated on how everything is going. sorry if you've stated this before, but what aircraft are you training on?

See ya man, be safe!

Ross Fischer