Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home from vacation...

No, flight training hasn't come to a halt! I did not manage to get a mock checkride scheduled prior to my vacation so that means I did not get the real deal checkride scheduled while on vacation.

Mary and I did however have a great time soaking up the sun and enjoying the slow pace at beautiful Lewes, De. We managed to pick up Maggie from the boarding place and she was not a happy girl. She seemed a bit down in the dumps, no tail wagging, no body shaking/wiggle just a ho hum.....who are these folks attitude. She climbed in the SUV and we headed home, the final stop completed. Once finished with her bath, since the boarding place didn't get it done, she seemed to feel a bit more at ease.

Vacation complete, and baseball over for the season I can really get the private pilot license wrapped up. It looks like rain all week but I will manage a few hours when I can just to knock the rust off. Hope to be updating with some flight info soon!!!

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