Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day Trippin'.....

Today's flight to Gettysburg was "blown away" Yes, winds up to 47 mph during the day makes for an ugly ride and one I do not want to even think about in a cross wind situation, or any situation for that matter. Here is the METAR for a planned 10am departure.

METAR KILG 061451Z 33024G33KT 10SM CLR M06/M24 A3041

Local wx is calling for snow on Wednesday (1"-3") so a flight to Gettysburg is put on hold. Susquehanna Regional Airport Authority maintains Cap City (KCXY) first then N68 Chambersburg then W05 Gettysburg. I don't think Gettysburg will be clean by Friday morning.

Mary and I decided to bag friday instead and try to tackle our "beach patrol" day trip. We will start out at Wilmington Airport operations so Mary can get her Airport ID taken care of then head over to 679er. We plan on leaving around 10am for a short flight to KGED (Georgetown) for lunch. Depending on the weather we may drop down to KOXB Ocean City, MD for a fly by then head up the coast and over to KWWD Cape May Airport. We will park at Big Sky Aviation and arrange for a car. We hope to hit the small boardwalk, tour some shops maybe walk the beach and tour some of the victorian homes and bed and breakfast locations.

We'll saddle back up and head to KMIV Millville for a round of stop and go's just to say hello to a few of our friends. From Millville it will be a short hop home to KILG to put 679er to bed. Should be a fun day if the weather holds up. I'm sure we will have some pictures to post.

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