Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Zulu's Have Arrived!

Well, I received my LS Zulu's today and can't wait to try them in flight. I actually took the time to read the manual, it's pretty brief. I plugged in my iPod and listened to the "Finer Points" aviation podcast, good stuff. I then switched over to some of Motowns greatest hits, they sounded great. No problems with the Front Row Center feature. My iPod and verizon crappy work phone were plug and play with the cords provided. The unit also fit very nicely into the case as long as you put it back in how it came out.

I noticed when I turned the unit on the room noise went dead silent, I could not hear MASH on TV or hear the wife talking to me on the same couch. I handed her the headset and she said, wow they seam pretty light and comfortable. I turned the unit back on and she said niiiiice.....really quiet. She then scrolled through my iPod songs and enjoyed. I will say that my Bride thought the DC's were comfortable too, but she also wants to try them in flight.

Hmmmm.....is this the first step in her taking my new toy? Stay tuned for the flight test.


Rob said...

LOL,... That gives a new meaning to Couch Flying! Better put in an old set of batteries for her test flight,... then replace when you go flying :-)

Gary said...

Hmmm.....your sneaky, I like that. Thanks for the good idea (insert evil smirk).