Sunday, January 18, 2009

Need A Flying Fix...

Looking back over my log book I can't help but realize the need I have for a flying fix. My last real overnight trip was back on December 6th to Cape Cod followed by a short hop to St. Michael's, MD the very next Saturday. Further investigation reveals I did manage a lunch run/XRX test flight to Millville, NJ that took longer to warm up 679er then to fly the hop back on the 4th of this month. I hate to even mention my instrument rating, my last lesson was on November 28th. I can't wait to get back into shooting approaches so I can knock out the check ride.

So, it's been two weeks, that seems like forever. The bitter cold does not help matters since one really can't be outside getting into projects or puttering around the airport finding things to do and people to talk to. I did manage to drive by and check on 679er Friday after work, her fresh clean cover is back on and all the "remove before flight" flags are exactly where they should be.

I guess flying MS FlightSim will have to entertain me until the temps get back above freezing. I have been working on my instrument flight by shooting approaches and working with ATC online through the VATSIM online flying community. It's as close to real as it gets and it does help keep your skills sharp.

Thankfully the North East Flyers are gearing back up for another fun filled year of fly-in adventures. First event will be a fly-in lunch at KRDG, Reading Pennsylvania. Good eats at the on field restaurant and a great air museum for the traditional, walk off all that food tour.

60 days until spring.....but who's counting.


Rob said...

I know what you mean about a flying fix..... I'm hoping this week works as planned for me. Flying the Diamond DA-20 on Thursday afternoon, Meeting with Guys at Wings on Friday after Work,... hopefully completing the checkout flight on Saturday afternoon in the Diamond.

You always have the greatest little cartoon images, where do you find them?

Oh,.. 60 days till spring, but 20 weeks till Gastons :-)

Gary said...

It will be good to catch up with the wings group this friday. Have fun in the DA20, they look like a fun ride!

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you brother. I was in your spot a few weeks ago. I went from flying at least once a week to having a drought of over 6 weeks. Life just got in the way.

Things are getting better and my IFR training is starting to get a twice-a-week rhythm.

Wish I could hook up with the gang on Sat, but alas, life again says no.

Keep the faith... warmer wx is a comin'.