Friday, April 03, 2009

GPS Safety Seminar

Last Night I attended the FAAST Seminar "GPS From the Ground Up" held at the Plymouth Meeting Double Tree Hotel. It was a packed house with 300+ pilots attending. The seminar truly seemed like I was attending an infomercial at the start but eventually settled into a very good eye opener addressing the do's and don't of GPS use for every phase of flight: Flight planning, preflight, departure, en route and much more. The discussion also reviewed real-pilot "gotchas" that GPS users got themselves into due to lack of proper training. Overall a very informative presentation and worth the trip.

I couldn't do the evening justice if I didn't mention our pre-seminar dinner at Appleby's. Rob of "Robs Flying Adventures" got the word out to those attending that we should meet up and so five of us made the dinner run. It's always nice to catch up and hangar fly with the guys.

Pictured in this post is a VOR key chain that Rob gave me at dinner, it's greatly appreciated and will be put to good use for 679er's keys. It will also serve as a reminder to keep focused on obtaining the instrument rating. Thanks Rob!

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ddf said...

Vry nice to meet you Gary. I don't envy your difficult schedule but know things will turn out fine. I'm expecting good weather this week, perfect for someone ready for a check ride.