Monday, May 11, 2009

PIREP Looks Good

I had a 10am doctors appointment today for my surgery follow up. Initial exam and x-rays went well with good range of motion although trying to extend and hold my leg straight out still needs a lot of work. The healing process continues and all the replaced and new parts are holding position very nice. The eight braided ties are looking good and the bone grafts along the femur that are acting as splints look secure. The three screws added to hold the new socket in place also look very good.

As per the doctors orders I will be remaining non-weight bearing for 4 more weeks, giving the leg more time to heal. I scheduled my next visit for three weeks, close enough to four and it gives me a head start. Following my next visit/x-rays I should be moving to partial weight bearing status,new exercises and moving to a local PT facility a few times a week. Of course I asked when I could drive, go dancing and return to work......His look was priceless but the answer was as I expected. First he laughed "at" me, then said once your full weight bearing we'll revist those topics. Until then follow orders, don't torture your wife and keep up the good work.

So for now it's exercise reps to rebuild the quad muscle and continue to increase my function around the house. The hospital bed is leaving along with the wheel chair tomorrow afternoon. Why is this important you ask........because it says I am trying to return my life to some type of normalcy. I finally was able to make all the stairs and sleep in my own bed and.......the biggie.... take a shower this week, it's the simple things in life we take for granted.

Thanks for all the visits, calls and well wishes. I will see most of my fellow pilots at the Wings Fly B Q this Saturday.

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