Thursday, October 22, 2009

NIght Flight 08Romeo

Last night Mike and I flew to KMIV - Millville, NJ to attend the FAAST safety seminar on Icing. The plan was to meet up with Jeff from 33N, have dinner at Dottie's on the airfield and walk over to Big Sky Aviation. I had the pre-flight completed and started up to taxi and meet Mike as he walked through the doors of Atlantic. Mike climbed aboard and I picked up my taxi instructions from Wilmington.

The plan was for me to shoot the ILS 10 approach into Millvile but landing and departing traffic was using runway two eight. Not a problem, Mike dug out the plate for RNAV GPS 28 approach and we were simulating vectors to the Final Approach Fix CROSE. I had briefed the plate and was set up for my missed. Mike role played ATC as we made our way in to the CROSE FAF. I heard Jeff arriving and I think he did a touch and go before making his final pattern loop and landing 93Zulu.

I set 08Romeo down smoothly but left of center and Jeff asked for Center line.....he really keeps me sharp. We taxied in and met Jeff at Dottie's for dinner. Originally we sat outside but I was feeling a bit nip so we all headed inside. Dinner ran a bit longer then planned and we were a tad late for the safety presentation. I had sat through this one before but it's always nice to review. Mike and I decided to head out after break so we said our goodbyes and saddled up for home.

We walked out to 08Romeo and I commented more then once how dark it was, Mike said great night to fly....I think I blurted I'm scarrrred of the dark. We had a good laugh. I checked fuel and did a walk around with a mini mag light, I need to get my big mag in the plane for night pre-flights. I taxied out to runway two eight and announced our departure. I made my climb shallow to keep the CHT's lower. It was really clear tonight and yeah, it was dark, not much of a moon out.

I copied the ATIS at Wilmington and set up to contact Philly Approach. Philly Approach, Sundowner 6708Romeo....Approach Sundowner 08R, 20 south east of ILG, 2500 level would like the ILS runway 1 approach for ILG. I dialed in the squawk code and was ready for vectors. The 530 was set and ready, I was holding fairly level and speed was looking good and on course. I briefed the plate and should have verbalized what I was doing but didn't. I glanced through the missed and Mike reiterated the brief, I needed to be more deliberate. I got maybe three or four turns on course and made my way in. I brain farted and did not configure for a notch of flaps and 90 knots. My final turn to intercept the localizer was upon us and I had just went through GUMPS; Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Pump and Switches/Safety. Philly turned me over to the tower and I announced 6708Romeo ILS 1 for full stop. I was cleared to land as I continued down the glide slope looking not to bust 325 feet. I was pretty good with the on course, correcting for a slight crosswind but I could have been more responsive with the glide slope. As I approached the DH I looked up and made final changes to configure for landing.

Another nice night landing followed with a U turn on the runway and taxi back to our tie down. Once we got to the tie down location we noticed that Atlantic tied a transient Cessna in my spot with my tie down straps (that had my tail number on them). I wasn't to happy! Atlantic didn't respond to my radio calls so I taxied to them. I had to shut down in order to talk to the line guys and then had to hot start and taxi back to my tie down spot. It was along day and I was tired and cranky.

Mike and I reviewed and both agreed that I need to get back to the "flow", my approaches are fine. I need to chair fly a bit and maybe work through some online approaches to get back in the rhythm. Once the dust settles of the new plane and I get a few things squared away I'm going to push to get my check ride scheduled.

As a follow up......I called Atlantic Aviation today to review the situation from last night. The lady at the desk was very helpful and stated that she would advise all shifts that 08Romeo is a rented tie down and not to disturb or use my spot for transient aircraft. Great service, top notch operation, now if they just open up a tie down that I can park close to the FBO.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your journal. Thanks for the numbers. I've been considering Sierras/Sundowners for some time. Fly safe.