Thursday, September 22, 2011

08Romeo's Pampered bugs!!
Mary and decided to have 08Romeo pampered at the FBO we use for fuel.  Their prices were very competitive and the location (across the field) sealed the deal.  I taxied 08Romeo over to Aero Ways, Inc on Wednesday morning and assured her she would love the treatment.  I did ask the line guys to please leave her inside if she is not covered due to the air vents on the top of the cowling just forward of the windshield.  I don't like to get the collectors wet and chance a leak, even though they have worked perfectly and 08Romeo has been watertight. I was told to expect her to be done Friday depending on how busy they were in the shop.
I received a call today at lunch that our girl was ready to go.  I got a ride over to Aero Ways from a coworker and squared up the invoice. First a look around to check out the work. From a distance across the hangar you could see the shine. 08Romeo looked just as nice as the day she rolled out of the hangar in Texas, spotless and a crystal clear reflection of her surroundings. I ran my hand over and under the wing and down her sides, the multi-color red stripes had a rich glow and were smooth as silk.
I was very satisfied with the results. I cannot wait to go fly. Since I had to return to work, a short taxi across the field would have to suffice. GREAT JOB AERO WAYS!!!

The Breakdown:
Degrease,Wash - 1.5 hours @$45  $67.50
Aero Glaze - 4.0 hr - @$45 - $180.00
Total Spa Day treatment  $247.50

Awesome looking plane - PRICELE$$


Steve said...

She looks great!

Toriafly said...

Wow! That's a bright white! Looks new :)

Rob Schaffer said...

That should add 5 knots!! :-) looks great!

Gary said...

08Romeo cleaned up very nice....and we thought the price was fair. She is ready for the 'w' word.

== T.J.== said...

Looks gr8! Totally worth it!!