Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Blog

I decided to make a change.  I am going to keep my Flight Journal blog strictly flying and with that decision I created a new RV Ramblings Blog.  I admit, it will be a slow first year as we settle in and get used to the Coach but I'm sure there will be some fun stuff dealing with a new place and trying to get our 110lb Italian Mastiff to adjust.  Maggie will have to get used to more flight time and living in a smaller world on weekends.  The benefits for her is the chance to explore the beach and spend her weekend time with us instead of boarding at the vet.


ザイツェヴ said...

Probably a good idea, although you're going to end with a dozen blogs in the end (I have something like 7).

Gary said...

I hope not! I rarther be flying than blogging. However, I must say I do enjoy posting about flights and looking forward to the RV posts.

Chris said...

It's probably a good idea, Gary. As you know, I have two with very different content and intended audiences (ok, with some overlap). Now you can have fun making challenging decisions on which blog to post to when the topic fits both! Oh, the conundrum! :-)