Thursday, August 23, 2012

BACFest Flight Plan

Plans are shaping up and we have made a few changes to the original plans for BAC Fest.  It looks like we will bug out a day early and overnight in Camden, SC.  It should be an easy reach for the 400 mile flight lasting three to four hours tops depending on the winds the day of departure.  I called the FBO at KCDN, Woodward Field Airport and arranged for a courtesy car and discussed lodging. Dale was very helpful and provided me his cell phone number. I am to contact him the day before we launch to finalize arrangements. He also added if the wx is bad overnight he'll get me in a hangar, no problem.
The next morning will be an early start with a departure following breakfast. It figures on another three to four hour hop, again depending on the winds, for our arrival at KJKA, Jack Edwards Airport in Gulf Shores,AL.
I'll file an instrument flight plan for each leg.  I just had my Collins Comm two radio repaired and I am going to schedule an oil change and have 08Romeo checked out prior to heading south. Plates and charts have been added on Foreflight for the states of Georgia, Alabama and Florida along with IFR low enroute and VFR sectionals. I only have to schedule boarding for the Maggie girl and we are set.


Chris said...

Looks like a great trip, Gary. I'm jealous, we haven't flown a long trip to someplace new in a while. Have fun!

Gary said...

Mary and I like to do one long trip a year. I wish we would do more, maybe next year now that she seems to be feeling better.

The Bride did say if the storms wipe out our hotel at Gulf Shores we should find another place to go, maybe Maine.

Chris said...

Gary, I''m glad she's feeling better these days. Maine sounds like a great alternative in the event of a tropical storm ravaged coast!