Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hangar Thoughts

Mary and I made a quick trip to Wilmington Airport to check on our Sundowner.  With the recent high winds and pouring rain I thought it would be best to check my tie downs, covers and chocks. 08Romeo was in good shape and I only needed to reset the chocks and snug my left wing tie down.

I felt bad not clearing the snow but it was just starting up when we were on the road.  I'll head down tomorrow and get our girl cleaned off and maybe get plugged in so I can fly Monday or Tuesday.

Hangars at KILG are $500 going to $550 on January 1st., it's just not in the budget. I'd rather keep flying more hours then donate to ILG.


Geoff Nelson said...

The added expense of a hangar is hard to look at sometimes on the balance sheet, but it sure is worth the piece of mind to keep our plane protected from the various weather at home. Plus it's a cool hangout!

Gary said...

It pains me everytime it rains and worse yet when it snows. I just can't justify, (make the $$ work) to pay $500 a month going to $550 Jan. 1st.

Maybe in retirement in Ocean City MD I'll get a hangar at KOXB.

Diggerdavid said...

Invest in some nice wing covers for the winter months. At the cost of $550.00 a month, that's $6600.00 a year. In four years you could get the plane completely repainted and still save money. You're not hurting the plane or the finish if you cover her and pre-heat before you start in the winter. Just my thoughts!

Geoff Nelson said...

Yeah, that's a lot! I lease mine from a private owner. $380/ mo. It's a nice large hangar with a motorized door.

Gary said...

Dave, That's an idea. I'll check into the cost of the covers. I always preheat at 40 or below.

Geoff, Sweet deal! When we retire and move to Ocean City MD I want to get a hangar at KOXB. I know it will be better than ILG.

I'm going to check out a few possible spots to get into a multi aircraft hangar, it's worth the time to ask.