Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mike's Flight Time

Mike and I swapped text messages and decided we would get some flight time this evening. Mary was down with a migraine and its best for her to sleep in a dark room in quiet surroundings.  In short that means me not making noise or asking her a zillion times how she feels.
I quickly changed into shorts and grabbed my flight bag.  I made a cal to Atlantic Aviation for fuel on my way to the airport so the fuel would have some time to settle before my sump.  It felt good getting 08Romeo uncovered and ready to fly. I completed my preflight and other than taking out two small bee nests everything was good to go.  Yes, I carry wasp spray in my carry on of tools and cleaning products, I hate bees.
Mike came in soon after I checked fuel and finished the sump on the three locations.  Mike did an abbreviated walk around making checks on fuel, oil, control surfaces and gear. We saddled up and decided on a short hop to Summit Airfield (KMVY) where Mike would knock out a few approaches and I would enjoy the view....no....watch for traffic.
First up was the GPS 17 followed by the GPS 35 and a circle to land. Mike said he needed to knock off the rust, yeah right, and he did a few touch and go's to get the sight picture back.  If Mike was rusty then I need a bead blast and powder coat to be as proficient as he is. Mike is always spot on 08Romeo's numbers, precision approach descent, bang right on it, set it and forget it. Non-precision same thing, set it and forget it.  I learn more about flying from watching him than I do spending time practicing.
While practicing the hold for the GPS 35 Mike tossed in slow flight for the lap. I am never comfortable getting slow and low, to the point of obsession I think, especially when I am turning final. As always, Mike makes it look effortless, smooth and cool.
We finished up back at Wilmington with a super smooth landing on runway two seven and a taxi to my tie down. After we cleaned off the windscreen and leading edges due to a notable bug mass suicide 08Romeo was covered and tucked in for the night. We capped off the night with a stop at Border Cafe' (EATS) for dinner.


Steve said...

Never comfortable slow and low? Methinks it's time for some practice! ;-)

Gary said...

I do practice, not enough, but I just really don't like the low and slow.

Steve said...

Yup, clearly you need to spend more time in a Cub! :)