Monday, September 26, 2016

Oil Change & Service

Since work is shut down for the week, I made an appointment Friday to have the oil changed on 08Romeo this morning.
I had filed a flight plan just in case there was a mist laying low over the field at home and at Claremont, BTDT. Everything looked clear as I entered the airport but I couldn't enter the gate, I forgot my access card.  I drove my work truck instead of taking my SUV out of the garage and the access card was in the SUV.  I made a quick loop to see if the terminal was open, ah, not at 6:45am.  OK, I'm heading home, at least to the tenants driveway where I piggybacked through the gate, following a garbage truck. Sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.
The flight was pretty straight forward and I picked up flight following for some company. Mary gave me hell since I took a video while I was flying and posted it to facebook. I explained to my Bride that I was flying along with my hands in my lap...I just wanted to share the view. I made a nice landing and taxied to the hangar. 
Temps at 4,500
The recent rescue flight and this mornings hop to Claremont (58M) had 08Romeo at the hangar door with the tach reading 50.2 hours. Noting my current tach time I climbed out, grabbed a screw driver and started removing the top cowl.
Stan started draining the oil and I pretty much got in the way. Once the oil was drained and the filter changed I started running my seven quarts in. Stan did a very detailed inspection picking up a broken ground on the right mag and I found a gromet that was torn and pulling through the firewall. Both items were fixed and after a run up to check for leaks was completed we replaced the cowl.
Stan cut the filter open and it looked good. I did notice a very tiny spec of silver in a few spots, like a grain of salt, The shop says nothing to worry about.
33N Runway construction
Once the paperwork was complete and the bill paid I saddled up for home.  Once again a smooth flight, at least until south of Georgetown. The airspace was unusually busy today, everyone flying before the week of forecasted rain. I descend for Ocean City and bumped along until entering the pattern.
Another nice landing on runway one-four and taxi to the hangar. With 08Romeo tucked in I headed to the house. Mary and I got to run some errands and headed to the outlets for some shopping in Rehoboth. The weather is looking pretty bad for the rest of my week off so I'll be relaxing at home.

I have a few to do items for the plane; order new cabin hoses to replace the black duct which will be installed at annual, remove arm rests to be recovered in leather to eliminate the discoloration from age and last, have some touch up paint made for the airplane and interior trim.

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