Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Finally, Sunshine!

Somehow I persuaded my lovely Bride that Ziva needed to run over at the airport, well, she really did. I managed to use crutches to get me down the three steps into the garage and then remount my trusty knee scooter to roll out to the driveway and load myself in the front seat of my SUV. It's hard to explain but Monday was the first day I felt I had any strength back and had cut off the pain meds Sunday at midnight. I was down to one Tylenol every six hours but went without since Sunday night.

Its been difficult learning to trust the right leg, I have babied it since my accident in 1985. I climb with my left foot first, seem to catch myself standing on it more than my right and use it to get up from a chair over the right without a thought. No can do this time around, the right leg has to pay its dues and carry the left. I know, I'm strange thinking like this but when you have so much time on your hands one digs a bit deeper into the most bizarre things.
The ride to and from the airport was great, the sun felt fantastic! Ziva did get to run, I got to knee scooter around and I got to see the plane. Mary checked on the battery minder for 08Romeo and tried to start the Ranger, it was dead. I am ordering a battery minder for the 12volt and will have it hooked up as soon as it gets here.

The burning, swelling feeling every time I let my foot down is subsiding so that has to be a good thing. My next Doctor visit is February 2nd, staples get pulled, I think I counted at least 47 on my x-ray, hey I'm bored. I'll get a new cast and then keep on keeping on until I am cleared to start Physical Torture.

Oh, not much time spent on my commercial rating. Heck, I've picked up the same book on Alaska bush flying multiple times and just don't feel like reading it. I have watched five of the six seasons of Ice Pilots, again, and I'm getting ready to buy the Flying Wild Alaska series, all three seasons. I think I may have a new line of work. I'm thinking I can price cars since I've watched Classic Cars and What's My Car Worth, every day.

Mary says she still loves me so that's a plus. She hasn't put a pillow over my head so I'm thinking she is telling the truth. My bride has been an Angel, excellent care and great cooking. Despite all the foot BS, I'm really a very lucky guy.


Jim and Sandie said...

Your video is private so couldn't watch it. Four months in a cast with my ankle was supposed to teach me patience but it didn't last very long. Getting off the pain meds felt so good. Even being able to go to Walmart was a joy. So glad you were out and about and still felt goid even though probably very tired.

Gary said...

Changed video to public viewing.

Today I felt great. I think I really turned the corner this weekend. I am tired so I crawled into bed and called it a day in time to watch the news. Tomorrow is a fresh start!