Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Flight Plans

With spring just around the corner Mary and I have given some thought to our flying plans.  I gave a two week notice to the consulting company I've been working for with regard to my job in Lewes Delaware. However, they may have something in the Ocean City Maryland area, we shall see. So with the potential for free time we discussed a few destinations.
First up we have the BAC fly-in to Oak Island, North Carolina.  This hop will be late February for a day trip with the possibility of an overnight, we'll make that call as the date gets closer.
Next up we have the Kansas Bonfire event at our friends Ted and Laurie.  We last attended this event in  April 2016, we had a blast. It was a fun time catching up with so many flying friends and getting to spend time with Ted and Laurie's three children. With my foot surgery last January we could not make the 2017 event, I wasn't cleared to fly until May. We don't want to miss two in a row.

This may be a long day of flying (970 miles)if we don't have tail winds and I'm thinking west bound will be all headwinds. We may make an overnight stop, Memphis or St. Louis, arriving early Saturday for the festivities. Following the bonfire event we'll push farther south on Sunday to visit our friend Sandra in Plano, Texas and also Candy and Mark from the Beech Aero Club.
Once we get to visit with our friends we'll make our way the short distance to Waco, Texas to finally visit the Magnolia Market of HGTV fame with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I'm not sure where we will stop coming home but we'll eventually work our way back home and to our zoo.
Sometime in the summer we would finally like to visit Mackinac Island and catch up with our friends Jeff and Lori and their family, near Grand Rapids Michigan.
Summer will be BAC events and trips to see family along with a beach run south tossed in there. Fall weather will signal a push to check out the gulf coast of Florida, Sanibel Island and hopefully back to Key West in 08Romeo.


Pilot said...


Gary said...

We’ve done Sun-n-Fun, and really have no interest in OSH. Too many people, weather always an issue and my Bride does NOT camp. Come to think of it, I have no interest in camping either.

There are so many other fun places to explore :)

Jim and Sandie said...

Fun times ahead. All those plans should keep you out of trouble.

Chris said...

Sounds like some great plans, Gary! I might be interested in joining at MCD if you and Jeff don’t mind. It’s been a while since we were there.

Gary said...

Jim and Sandie, me stay out of trouble....its a welcome thought. ;)

Chris, I'm not sure if Jeff and Lori will do Mackinac but we can plan. Mary and I will be a go, that's for sure. It would be great for everyone to catch up. We'll have to work on a date good for all.