Saturday, May 05, 2018

Busy Hangar Day

Dave S, the owner of 45Yankee had agreed to do some flying today so I could learn the systems and flight operation of the Debonair.
However, 45Yankee is still in the shop because she had her dorsal fin fairing replaced and it needs time for the paint to dry prior to mounting.
There was a crack across the fin and Dave didn't want to sell her like that, he also wanted to clean up the plane and get some touch up paint work done. So, no flying the Deb this weekend.

All this sounds so familiar...

I have been back and forth to the hangar cleaning up 08Romeo.  Along with some clean up I have been sorting through all my stuff that came with her. 

I think I have everything sorted out. I separated everything that goes west with the plane and a second pile for me to keep. I am holding on to my carry all with cleaners, polish, basic tools, oil filler spout, and the add-ons.  Add-ons being the new life vests, Mary's neck pillow, my foggles, a second cover with a few rips on top that will cover 45Yankee when hangared and lastly my chocks. Ok, 08Romeo's chocks. One of the first items I bought when I brought her home and I'm keeping them for the Deb.  More sentimental than anything else...I know, it sounds crazy.

I spent the day shampooing the carpets and treating all the leather, getting ready for her new owners to fall in love with her like we did. This week the touch ups will be done and I'll get some fresh wax on the girl so she shines real pretty.
As excited as I am about the new ride I'm just as sad to see my first plane go. Good times and many good memories, I will definitely miss her.

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