Sunday, January 19, 2020

Post Maintenance Flight

Today the weather cooperated and I was able to get in the air for a post maintenance check. It felt good to climb aboard and get the fan turning. 

I made one circuit and landed to give the brakes a real work out.  Typically I don't like to use up brakes, hit the right speeds and add power to make the turnoff is a much better practice.

After I taxied back I decided to take off and head to Accomack, VA (KMFV).  I planned to shoot one approach and then one back at Ocean City.  The winds were really gusty and the ride was getting bumpy so I made a U turn and pointed back for the beach.
I worked through the procedures and loaded the RNAV 32 approach and selected direct GOBYO, an Initail Approach Fix. I tracked for a short bit and then just pointed for the airport instead.  This also gave me a chance to work through adding an extended center line for my runway of choice on the Garmin 480. 

I made a better landing the second time and tucked 3 Tango Charlie back in the hangar.  I did pop the top cowl off and add orange RTV to seal up two small cuts in my baffle and behind the engine. I also fiddled with the wire to the JPI number one cylinder since it was intermittent on my flight. 

I am planning for a flight to Cape May tomorrow to meet up with POA forum members. 

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