Thursday, November 12, 2020

Cessna 441 Update

I had posted back on August 1st about a Cessna 441 that had a nose gear collapse landing here at Ocean City. I received a few emails and a text asking about the aircraft and posted an update on August 10th when I noticed the aircraft had been put back on her feet and both engines had been pulled.
This beautiful bird sat quietly on the North West end of the ramp awaiting her rescue. The planes engine nacelles had been sealed in plastic, the rudder pulled, and cones set up.

When Mary and I headed over to the airport on Tuesday to let Ziva run we both noticed a gathering of vehicles around the Cessna 441.  Typically I drive between the next to last row of hangars to let Mary and Ziva out on the north side grass area along the security fence, today I went one row farther.  Mary commented aren't you mister curious, I responded no, I'm mister nosy, there was no denial in my words or tone.

The Cessna was surrounded by vehicles, tool boxes, two wooden crates, a tractor, compressor, and people. I was really happy to see the Cessna getting the attention, knowing she'll be back in the air again soon.
In our travels yesterday we noticed two tents set up, one over each engine. They crew already had the engine mounts hung and things looked to be moving right along.  The weather forecast is not looking good for the next two days, nothing but heavy rain, and calling for a possible two inches. 

It sure would be nice to get her return to flight captured, but for now we wait. 

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