Monday, August 09, 2021

Chet's New 182


My hangar neighbor and fellow pilot, Chet, added a new plane to his stable.  Today he flew in with his new to him 1968 Cessna 182L. What a beautiful plane, and in Flyers orange and black. I only note this since Chet is from New York. I should note Chet still has his Cherokee 180 and it's currently at Republic Airport located in Farmingdale, New York - KFRG.

Avionics include a Garmin 430WAAS and a Garmin GTX 345 Transponder. I didn't note the audio panel. The paint and interior are in very good condition, the plane has been well cared for.  I'm looking forward to a flight in the 182 some time soon.

I think I'll find a Flyers decal to pass along. <evil smirk>


Alan said...

Hey, Gary! You should have talked Chet into getting a Commander.

Gary said...

Funny you say that, he’s been looking at 114’s and that’s what he really wanted. When the 182 presented itself the deal was too good to walk away from.