Friday, October 07, 2005

A new chapter begins at N99

Well, it's been a few weeks (3 to be exact) since I have been flying. My CFI was involved in an engine out accident after takeoff with a pilot/student flying his own aircraft. Thankfully they both walked away, and that's my main concern. However, My CFI will be out for another 3 weeks in PT, no not physical therapy, physical torture! Can you tell I have been down that road a time or two? I am happy to say that my CFI is in good spirits and making progress. I on the other hand can best be described as jones'in for a fix......yes I miss flying really bad. So, in order to keep on a good pace and not fall backward I decided to check out Brandywine Airport (N99) and continue my lessons. Brandywine is only 12 miles from the house a rather short drive and located in a very nice area. KMIV was about an hour away from home, but the folks were great and the scenery was fantastic. I'll miss looking out over the Delaware Bay and looking towards Atlantic city and the coast.

I was scheduled for Saturday morning, the 8th, but due to the weather I was canceled out. Hmmmmmm...not a great way to start. I am rescheduled for Sunday the 9th at 4pm, so I have been getting acquainted with as much of N99 as possible. Runway length, CTAF freq, Unicom, WX briefing, traffic pattern and TPA, Approach Procedures, Special Take-Off Minimums and whatever else I can get my hands on or locate via the internet, AFD, charts and so on. Yes, I got it bad I need to get back flying! I want to make sure I am prepared, I wouldn't want to let my previous CFI down. I'll update ASAP sunday evening.

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