Thursday, October 13, 2005

Patience, Patience, Patience

October 8, 9, 13

The last three lessons have all been "no go" weather days. I hope I am scheduled back in the air Sunday the 17th. It's been a month since I was last up. I wonder is this the part of the training that teaches patience? It looks like we are finally going to dry up and get some nice weather. I am excited about flying out of Brandywine. I am not sure about rotating through instructors, that seems to me like it will cost me more time and money. I guess I'll see how the schedule works out and try to lock in with one person. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing to be honest. I know nothing comes easy and that's ok, I just wish I could get back on a regular schedule and keep the learning curve going in the right direction. I hope to have a good report
after Sundays flight !

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